Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Family's Day

I went for the church service last night and one doctor shared about Fatherhood in theme with this week's Father's Day...

He began by saying that it is actually Family Day... because without Family, there is no Father's Day....

I was thinking, yeah... he is right... fatherhood begins when there are kids....and when there are kids, it is called family.... The kids will start by saying...

F.... Father
M... Mother
I..... I
L.... Love
Y.... You

Happy Family's Day!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Don't Take For Granted...

When it comes to music and entertainment, it fires up the interest in my heart.  My deep passion for music is always there, each time I hold the microphone, I don't feel like putting it down again... music is part of my life, especially worship songs.

It was disheartening when I heard that the lead worship singer broke down into tears recently.  I can understand how she felt when things went wrong, when in a state of panic, one does not know how to "enter" into the song... and it is worse when the "co-worshipers" are not helping either.

One thing to learn from this... during practice time, do not always depend on the leader to start or when to "go in"... as co-worshipers, one must also learn the song well enough, to know where to back her/him up during worship time.  Don't take for granted.....