Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Worship Practice

Just came back from church practice with my sister. It was a wonderful time getting together with my sis and the whole worship team, though it was just an hour of practice, the time of worship is always refreshing. OH... I forgot again... the hymns are my weakest point, yes, I dont know much about hymns and what I should do is to record it while singing so that I can practise them these few days before Sunday service. Next time I must remember to use my hp to record it.. Lord, help me to remember...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last night sermon by Pastor Jeyakumar was another overwhelming one... my friend who is not a Christian yet, was touched by his sermon. In fact, it was very crowded and I believe God is moving in this church and ministering through our pastor. He spoke on families, God gave him a verse in Isiah 64, if i m not mistaken, to build the ruins and help the desolate. Pastor felt that IPOH has many broken families in need of God's intervension, marriages that fail is plentiful here. He seeks us to help those in dire need... seek some consultation from the church courses... there is a marriage course for married couples, happy or unhappy couples, all are welcome to attend this short 2 days course....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To God Be The Glory

I have not posting for many days in this blog.. realized I have indeed been neglecting this blog as well. It reminded me that Jesus said, no man can serve two masters, either we love one and hate the other. I have 3 blogs and having a difficult time managing them. Blogs are not human... but what happens if we humans have to love 2 or 3 persons at the same time? Either we end up loving one and neglecting the other.... oh, am I talking right?

I hope from today onwards, I will manage this blog as well, if not everyday, but at least each and every other day... giving and praising God all glory!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I received a tag given by Ladyviral and I have been putting it off for a few days already. Thank you, Ladyviral... this is an honest tag and I believe it is well suited here in this blog.

10 honest tips about myself.. i have to crack my head a bit... lol...

1) I love to blog immensely, sitting for hours and neglecting some housework.
2) I love to eat, but I dont eat much, that is the problem, I love to nib here and there, a bad habit.
3) I don't like to wait for others nor allow others to wait for me, if I can help it.
4) I worry unnecessarily at times which is not a good habit too.
5) I like to blog for money but I will end up stressing if I cannot finish them in time
6) I am a lazy lady, don't like housework nor exercising at all
7) I have 3 kids which I adore immensely...
8) I am lazy to go for cell group meetings
9) I like to watch tv till wee hours in the morning
10) I want to have more money to take my kids for a wonderful time overseas..

oh, are these honest tips about myself...doesnt sound too right, do they?

John 3:16

In John 3:16, the scripture says "For God so loved the world"... But what about His love for individuals? The reest of the verse reveals the central purpose behind God's sacrifice of His son, "That whoever believes in HIm should not perish but have everlasting life." Therefore, without exception, every person may interpret John 3:16 like this "For God so loved me!"

The above words were taken from my Daily Bread, excerpts which has a deep meaning in our lives. How much God love us, How deep, How wide.... His love for us is so deep that He sends His one and only Son, Jesus, to die for us on the Cross, to save us from our sins and granting us eternity through His death on the Cross... That is Father's Greatest Love!

Changing The World

Lately as most of us know that disasters are happening around our neighbourhood countries, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan.... with the tsunami, typhoons, earthquakes lurking nearby, it is indeed very distressing, especially for those who are strickened by these tragedies. It makes me wonder whether all these are human mistakes... due to man's advanced technology, changing the world, global warming, they are not phenomenoms, I believe man's fault is at hand.

While I was watching a program in Discovery Channel last week, it depicted about a country's aim to build 300 islands around the nation, the sand from the seabase was tragedically dug to achieve this man's dream. Billions of tonnes sand were dug from the seabase... creating man's dream to have the islands, to beautify his country, so to speak... it makes me sad....

Creation is by God, not by man.... perhaps those tragedies happened were the consequences of man's own greed of power over the world!

Give Grateful Thanks

I want to give my praise unto my Lord God...for His continuous supply of blessings upon me and my family. He is indeed my everlasting Father who takes care of us and loving us unconditionally. Though many time I have not done His will, I know I have not for many cases but whenever I need Him, He is always there to decide for me....what to do, where to go, how and when.... It will falls in nicely, though I tend to worry and stress unnecessarily.

God is great... God is loving.... God is good all the time... He is my stronghold in life on earth and through eternity! Thanks and praise unto God...