Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miracles And Yet Doubts...

These few days I have been reading the Old Testament, that is before the coming of Jesus Christ. When I read through Exodus, especially the time of Moses and the Red Sea, my imagination started to run. The more I read, it became more and more real how God is in our lives. His commandments, His words are existing till today, alive in us. So many miracles He has shown and yet people still doubted, during the Moses days.... and today, it was the same... God is waiting for us to accept Him, He is just right here waiting for us to choose, ever ready to come into our lives but yes, we still have doubts and we tend to focus elsewhere. Forgive me Lord...

Change Of Church Service

My church is doing a survey on the time services.... at this moment, my church has two services, one on Saturday 8pm to 10pm and Sunday 8am to 10am. Most of the weekends, I go on Saturday evenings and Sundays when I have worship duties. I heard they are going to change the Saturday service time to 5pm, well..... I would love that. I would certainly prefer it to be 5pm, then after service, it will be just nice for dinner with the family.. hope the church survey will have the majority votes....

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Journal Steps

When it comes to journalling, this is what I normally do...
I read verses from a booklet supplied by the church (devotional booklet)
Then I write down the verse that touches me...
And after a short prayer, I spend time on the journal book, relating and what the verse means to me... just let out my thoughts... how I feel at that moment of time, I write everything out... be it broken english or rantings, it is good to "speak" and let go ...

SOAR with God

In my earlier posts, I mentioned SOAR used by Daniel Teh in DUMC Petaling Jaya. During the conference, he reminded again of that word.. that we soar like eagles, never to grow weary or faint...
S stands for scripture - bible verses
O stands for observation - visualize the scene
A stands for application - our thoughts and musings, our emotions or questions
R stands for response meaning prayer

With these words, let me start by reading God's word, His word to them, His words to me and my word to God....

Soar Like Eagle

The quote for today comes from Isiah 40:31

"...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength,
They will Soar on wings like eagles
they will run and not grow weary
they will walk and not be faint"

The word SOAR comes from DUMC... Pastor Daniel always remind the members to soar like eagles, high above all, never grow tired or weary... all because we have Our Lord in our lives and let us remember that...all we have to do is to be humble and bask in the presence of our Lord...

Come All Ye Who Are Weary

I had a peaceful sleep last nite, it was like a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders... He said "come to me, all ye who are tired and weary and I will give you rest..." Let us lay our burdens before Him when we feel they are too heavy... He is our Father..
These wordings kept coming to me, the lyrics i mean.. and I would like to share with all of you here...
"And I will run to You,
With your words of Truth
Not by might, not by power
But by the spirit of God
Yes, I will run the race
Till I see Your face
And I will live in the
Presence of Your Grace...."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Watch Out...

Last night I could not sleep, I woke up at 4am and my mind was so alert... I wonder why... I try to pray but my mind just could not concentrate. So I got up and switched on the computer, thinking if it tired me out, then I could sleep again.

What I am trying to say was.... I thought I could overcome my problems, I thought I could handle them myself, I did not pray fervently about it, I was like taking things for granted.. sort of.. "let me handle them myself". I was self centred... I was very wrong.
A bible verse suddenly came to my mind... why suddenly? I do not believe it was by chance, I believe God wanted to speak to me...

Mark 13:35 says "Therefore keep WATCH because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back....What I say to you, I say to everyone "WATCH"....

Watch... watch out... it came to my mind.. I was just being on my own...but God wants me to watch out... things are disturbing me... I should not rely on myself, I will not win... But with God IN me, FOR me and WITH me, who can be against ME?

Thank you Lord once again...for keeping me back in line... let me sway no more...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Journalling The Word Of God

During one of the sessions in the conference at DUMC, pastor Edmund touched on growth commitments, ie. as a Christian, a child of God, besides our busy lives, what actually or how do we get close to God? One way is to do journalling... Journalling?

Journalling is reading some verses from the Bible and during our quiet time with our Lord, let the verses come "alive" to us. Let it speak out in our or two words, eg Truth... when we come upon the word truth in the Bible, let us think how truth can make an impact on our lives.
Write it down in a journal book...the verse passage and how and what we have experience from the word "truth"....

As for me, I will do my journals online here, to share with anyone who comes by to read... let the BIBLE VERSES be a shining light upon our lives...

Amen? Amen....

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last Friday, ie on the 20th, my son and I drove down to my brother's place in Sungai Buluh... the trip down south was to attend Discipleship Conference in DUMC, speaker was Rev Edmund Chan from Singapore. He is a dynamic speaker, a servant of God where he bestows us with great words that impact our hearts from Day 1 to Day 3....

Our first session started off with GETTING INTO THE WORD.. ie, firstly, to Delight in the Word, Devotion to the Word and Discipline In the Word. It is more like eating durians, he said.. cultivate the taste of the words of the Bible, we don't have to read long chapters each day... if one word in the Bible make an impact on us each day, it is already good enough. The word will continue to make us hunger for more. We all know the truth is in the Bible, so Edmund said, why not APPLY the truth in our lives... Action and Submission to the word.....

Matthew 4:4 "man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Completeness in Christ

Colossians 2:10 says We are complete in Him, who is head of all principality and power

My daily journal: So we are complete in spirit and in character when we believe in Jesus. We should never feel we are lacking of something or feeling dissatisfaction in our ways of life. In fact, we are always worrying about our own flesh but God sees our spirit. Man worries about physical health but God sees us as new creations.

We are not going TO BE complete in Christ cos we ARE ALREADY complete in Him when we believe. Thus we should not focus on what we lack but just to focus in Christ.

What we need, He provides, lacking nothing. WE ARE COMPLETE IN HIM....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do You Know About Jesus or Know Jesus?

Lately I have stumbled upon this book in my shelf, I didnt even this book existed ... it is called The Un-answered Prayers Of Jesus by Mike Evans. When I flipped the page, I realized it was a birthday gift to my son from his college mate. Well, I have finished reading the whole book by now and I would like to share what I have read and find it meaningful.

There is one question asked... We know about Jesus BUT do we really know Jesus? Notice the question there... we know about Jesus but how much do we know Jesus? I pondered over that.. yes, I cannot deny knowing much about Him but do I know Jesus personally? How much impact does Jesus have on my life OR how much time did I spend talking to HIM? Shamelessly, I wanna bow my head ....

Jesus, I know about You but I do not really talk to YOU ... I prayed no doubt... BUT I did not spend time is always Me who do the talking and yet never finding a quiet moment to listen to your response.... Now I know... I have to.... Thank You Lord for opening my eyes and ears...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Dream Car Tag

This tag was given to me by Maria... thanks to her, I have to think of my sports car but unfortunately, I dont really fancy sports car. All I do dream of is to own this Honda City... hehe.. it is not expensive and yet, I cannot afford to buy... anyway, I hope I will be able to, one day.. so meanwhile...dream on, girl... and now...

Here's the rules:
1. Just state what kind of sports car will you buy if you have a ton of money at the moment.
2. Don't spoil the fun guys, please get back to me if you are done posting it and leave a comment stating the name and kind of the vehicle.
3. If you could link me to the post, it would be awesome!

And now I would like to pass this tag to the guys... Kevin, Gregchai, Shawnloo, Eugene and Kianhin....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Lord's Prayer

Something that I read just now, I would like to share here... it is Our Lord's Prayer and its meaning that is meaningful....

Our Father which art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
(I worship and praise You)

Thy kingdom come
They will be done in earth as it is in heaven
(I want Your kingdom to be realized on earth just as it is in heaven)

Give us this day our daily bread
(I will trust in your provision)

And forgive us our debts
as we forgive our debtors
(I will forgive others as You have forgiven me)

And lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil
(Through Your strength I will resist temptation and avoid evil)

For thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever
(Because You are the owner of the kingdom, power and glory that will last forever)

(so let it be)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Time, Men?

In today's sermon, my pastor talked about family bonding...he mentioned that the statistics (i forgotten which) showed that family men are so busy with their own work and lifestyle that they have only SPEND ONE minute with their kids and family per day. Imagine that! hahaha... I guess it is just a general survey, well, it seems the organizations are trying to help the men to at least fulfil TWO MINUTES instead of one... that is a good start, so it seems...
Well, how about that?