Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be Richely Blessed!

Praise the Lord for my brother who is ever so generous... how I wish I could be like him... I know God gives us special gifts and we are unique in our own way. And God is really working in our lives especially my family and hope our strong bonding will continue to flow strongly with one another...

Last night I read a verse... those who are rich earthly and not know the Lord, their material things are not permanent, the riches can be taken away anytime...and those who are poor and humble are richly blessed...

Just believe and you will find your life be rich and strong in the name of the Lord...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Son's Testimony

Last week we had a Harvest Event in my cell leader's house and my son, Aaron was given the privilege to give a testimony on how God has blessed him and is still continuing to do so...

Praise the Lord for such grace and love upon our family.. Aaron's testimony has indeed touched me and I hope many others as well...

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful family.... hope you can find time to listen to this clip... thanks!

Show me the panda

Sunday, December 19, 2010


On judgment day you will be in the dock plotting your defence against all the cases you reckon might be brought up against you. The one accusation you dread most is of that young girl child you ignored begging for money and later on learnt she died from starvation.

You are convinced you have come up with a defence outline that should but just untangle you out of that blunder and get you the green light to proceed to heaven where you surely deserve.

As the proceedings start, you rehearse the answer - "but Lord, back on earth it was hard to discern who was a genuine beggar and who was a fake one. Moreover, you are the one who taught us we ought to be good stewards of the resources you bless us with!"

However, to your surprise, two angels come in through the back-door rolling a heavy drum and you wonder - "what manner of evidence against me is that?"

Then the Lord will say this is the evidence that condemns you to hell! Overwhelmed and quacking you say, "What is that Lord? I've never seen that before - that's definitely not my stuff. There should be a mix-up here. I know I have sinned but not that much."

He then says to you, Ooh! That's just a collection of your sperms when you were committing adultery and fornication - roughly 20 litres! You see, the average human male produces 5ml of sperm fluid during sexual intercourse. Doing that three times a week for 25 years gives around 20 litres of semen! But since you were an accountant, I figure you would prefer me to give your exact amount - 19.5 litres of sperm fluid.

With a stern face He then commands, may the angels banish this fellow and those with whom he committed sexual immorality with to hell. And take your stinking drum with you for heaven cannot contain such!

With your world thrown upside down - you wonder how they ever got to collect all your immoral sperms. The Lord divinely discerning your heart says - Well it was really very easy. Since you were very cautious of contracting HIV/ AIDS, you resorted to using condoms for protection. Now whenever you disposed of those condoms, angels would eventually find and collect them.

It was a messy job though but at the end of the day [or should I say life] enough evidence was gathered against your sexual immorality behaviour that left many families broken and souls shattered.
"Next case please!"

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I don't see it coming. There's a loud, deafening crash. The excruciating pain I feel upon impact only lasts a second.

I float upward and hover. I see two mangled cars. Is the dark one mine?

I see a man partially hanging out the door. He looks dead. He's wearing my clothes. Is it me? Am I dead? I can't be dead--I'm only twenty years old!

Another man is slumped over in the other car. He looks dead, too. I don't know him.

Someone is hovering next to me. It's the man from the other car. We watch together as onlookers gather. A woman is wailing, "Lord, have mercy!" Sirens are screaming, lights are flashing.

Creatures appear. Three approach me. They are very gruesome. They surround me. I'm so afraid--more afraid than I've ever been. Two of them grab me. I struggle desperately to get away, but can't; they laugh a horrible, evil laugh. The third one goes toward the other man and says, "We'll take him, too."

Three more creatures surround the man, but they look different. They are extraordinary, but not gruesome. When the gruesome creature reaches for the man, the extraordinary creatures intervene. "This man is redeemed by the blood of the Lamb; in the name of Jesus, depart, demon!" they exhort.

A bright light shines down on the man and the three extraordinary creatures. Angels, yes, they are angels, I realize. The man and three angels disappear into the light.

The demons carried me away. I'm put into a sinister, dark place. I can't see anyone or anything; I hear the screams and wails of countless others.

I weep, scream, and gnash my teeth. I know I can never leave this place. I am in Hell.

Why am I here? I'm not so bad. I believe in God. I go to church. I'm basically a good person. I was baptized as a baby--didn't that count for something?

It's all coming back to me now: 'for all have sinned,' 'not by works...,' 'For God so loved the world,' 'I am the way...,' Believe in the name of the Lord Jesus.' How many times did I hear Christians say these things? But I spurned them.

I remember all the times I mocked Jesus. His name is nothing but a curse word to me. I think of my countless excuses: Who needs Jesus? What's he going to save me from? I believe in God, so why do I need Jesus? Isn't it narrow minded to think Jesus is the only way? So many times I refused to believe--now it's too late.

All the sinful things I did in life come to mind. Shame, regret, and sadness consume me; I know I deserve to be here--I am guilty of so much. But I know just one sin would have brought me here, this place of torment, away from Holy God. Now I am paying my sin debt--forever.

There's fire. It's so hot--I'm so hot... I'm burning. I'm tormented! It doesn't stop! "Help me, save me, Jesus. I'm so sorry, so very sorry."

I awaken. I'm in my bed. It was only a dream--a horrible nightmare! Or was it a vision?

A flood of relief envelops me.

Humbled, broken, and repentant, I get down on my knees and pray. "God, I have sinned against you. Forgive me for all the times I mocked and rejected your Son, Jesus. Now I understand why Jesus died on the cross, it was to save me from the penalty of my sins. And the penalty of sin is to spend eternity separated from you--in Hell. But Jesus paid my penalty so I don't have to. All you require is for me to put my faith and trust in Him. Thank you for revealing your truth to me. I know I can do nothing to save myself. Trying to be a good person, doing good works, baptism--nothing can save me. Only Jesus can save me and give me eternal life. Jesus, the sinless, perfect sacrifice, I receive you as my Savior and Lord of my life. Amen

Written by Terri Schroeder
Copyright 2010

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Will Work For Food

She was standing near Wally World. Another panhandler. On any given day, they stood at every corner in the shopping district. Most of them looked able-bodied to me, so I'd drive past. If they looked like they couldn't physically or mentally hold a job, I'd give 'em some cash and a tract. I probably got suckered more often than not--the cash going for drugs, booze, or cigarettes; the tract tossed on the ground or cast to the wind.

But something about her was different.

I wheeled into the parking lot and scurried over. When she spotted me coming, her eyes widened. Surprise? Fear? She probably didn't expect a face-to-face encounter. I half expected her to bolt like a scared rabbit.

I slowed my approach and smiled, hoping that would calm her. "Hi, I see you're looking for work."

Silently, she held the piece of cardboard with bold, black letters in front of her face, summoning it to speak for her:


Funny how they always stick in the GOD BLESS part. Appeal to the benevolent Christians.

"What sort of work do you do?" Hope she's not deaf--I can't sign. "Maybe I could help you out"

The bent cardboard flapped in the gusty wind.

She scowled and stepped back. "What are you, a pervert or something?"

She sized me up. I wore jeans, a wool sweater, down parka, boots, and knit hat pulled down over my ears; just average looking; nothing sinister about me.

"I'm not a hooker," she added, defiantly. She looked about twenty--close to my age.

"I didn't think you were." I shot back. Then, in a softer voice, "But I know a few people--got connections...."

She chewed at her chapped bottom lip; dried blood collected in the cracks. "Can't you just give me some money?" she begged.

I glanced at the Now Hiring sign in Wally World's window; her piercing eyes followed mine. "They're hiring for the Christmas season."

Shivering, she shuffled from foot to foot. No hat, boots, nor gloves. She was either really destitute or underdressed to play the "poor me" role.

"What do I eat 'til I get a paycheck--snowballs?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Tell you what--we're both starved--how about joining me for a hot meal at that restaurant?" I nodded toward Stella's Kitchen, across the parking lot. "Then we can talk about it--it'll be my treat."

"Are you Mrs. Claus or just some do-gooder trying to get to heaven?" She snuffed and smirked.

This girl was jaded.

"Nope, not Mrs. Claus; and I already got my ticket to heaven--it's via Jesus. Do want you to eat or not?" I turned and started walking toward the restaurant. "Meet you over there," I called over my shoulder.

She had already turned her attention back to the traffic.

The bustling waitress greeted me. "Dining alone today?"

"No, someone will be joining me. I'd love some coffee while I wait for my guest, though."

The waitress hurried to get coffee; I watched the girl from the window.

I sat alone for fifteen minutes--long enough get warm and pray for the girl; I asked for divine intervention.

She'll be along soon.

I was finishing my second cup of coffee when she arrived.

"Offer still stand?" she sheepishly asked. Her eyes avoided mine.

"Of course--I was waiting for you." Handing her a menu, I continued, "I haven't even ordered yet."

She slid into the booth, smiled, and scanned the menu. "Hey, I really appreciate this."

I extended my hand across the table, "My name's Faith Nelson--and yours is...?"

Her icy hand grasped mine. "Just call me Jane--Jane Doe." She brushed some hair off her face, exposing a bruise by one eye.

Take it slow, don't push her.

She wolfed down her food.

Hesitantly, she began, "It all started when..."

Over the next several hours, while we sipped coffee, she relaxed and revealed the details of her plight.

"...and that's how I ended up here," she concluded with a sigh. "Is there any hope for me?" Her eyes pleaded, questioned.

" name's really Jennifer, too. Sorry--I lied."

Tears rolled down both our faces.

I patted her hand. "Ooh, I'm positive there's hope. I have a very good friend in a very high place; would you like to meet Him?"

"Yeah, I'd like that.

Written by Terri Schroeder
Copyright 2010

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