Sunday, June 23, 2013

Worship Practice

The third worship training will be on the 29th June...i am looking forward to the training session with Juwita who comes all the way from KL. she and her few musicians will be coming to Ipoh to "train" us for the worship services held every Saturday and Sunday.  They are really great, we can learn a few tips here and there to improve our vocals and not only that, the guitarists, organists and drummers also have their talents improved to a higher level.  I wanted to take up guitar lessons again and will get a fulltone ocd before I sign up for the lessons.  Well, music is indeed in my blood and I hope that I will be able to catch up the musical instruments within a few months.  I am looking forward to taking up guitar lessons and piano and of course vocal lessons as well.

An Annual Affair

My kids and I attended a church function in Johor a couple of years ago. It was a grand affair, the whole hall was packed and abundant food were served.  The invitation was extended by the Church Of Praise and my BIL booked the whole table for us...
Church of Praise... Love, Grow, Serve, Share...
Adding glamour to the dinner function, a well known singer Juwita Suwito entertained the thousand of people with songs of praise that includes Christmas songs as well.  Everyone had a good time being entertained... her voice was really great!  This is one function I will not forget and hope that we will be able to attend this year end.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Luxury Paris

My next dream trip will be in Europe and I hope that I can visit Paris, the romantic city... I would love to go for a free and easy trip with my family.  No rushing here and there, no early wake up calls and feeling exhausted during the night, we rather have our own itinerary than to follow a guided tour.  In order to plan our own tour, we must really surf for the right website and information and the most important thing to do is the lodging and accommodation.  Once this is settled, we can set forth to planning the daily tours.  There is a website whereby we can check out for luxury Paris rentals, I am sure they will be able to cater our family of four.  We need to do a lot of homework, comparing the rates and locality and I hope we can be able to find one that will accommodate our budget.  :)

My prayer

I learn a lesson.... Never promise anyone anything if you cannot promise yourself.  Do I make sense here?  I made a promise and I had broken it ... Tis had led to restlessness and some discomfort... Anywy, i have asked for orgiveness and i really feel sorry for what I have done.

"Please forgive me...Continue to nurture and discipline me... I surrender myself unto you and whatever I do, lead me on...."

This is my prayer...and I hope that in days to come, the sence of peacefulness will be present in my heart and mine...till then, only I will know that I am forgiven...

Thank you... And all praise unto You....Amen..

Friday, June 21, 2013

Employee Background Checkers

Economy is not too good nowadays, we need to be careful in our spending and budget ourselves until the next paycheck comes.  For those of us who have a steady income and job, we should be thankful because there are a lot of jobless people now and in order to survive, some have no choice but to turn to "easy money" out by committing crimes.  One of the ways to eradicate crime rate is to introduce more jobs and opportunities especially in the rural areas so that their means of living would be met.  On the other hand, the employers will usually have a hard time taking in good workers an this is where the link check background checks now come in. Read this website through and the employers will have a piece of mind on the workers who have been screened over by these professional people.

Body Check Up

Now as I reach the 50s, it is advisable to do annual body check-up. The body system is like car engine. The older we grow, the cells are slowing down. Thus it is encouraged to have a blood test annually so as to prevent and to treat any sickness before it is beyond control.

I have been doing a body check up regularly and during these last two years, I notice that my cholesterol reading is not that good anymore.  I need to take some precautions and one of them is the food intake.  And of course, the second one is exercising regularly.....

I was all ready for the body check up when this Malaysian Cohort came to our office... almost everyone had their blood check and we were being advised on what to eat and what's not... I hope I can be able to follow the do's and the don'ts... 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Free Gifts

I read in the papers recently that the tax is going to increase on the cigarettes and cigars again.  I am sure many smokers will not be prepared to welcome this but on the other hand, the majority will thank the government for increasing the tax so as to discourage the people from smoking.  While I was in US, I came across a shop handing out cigar samplers and of course, I could only look at them giving out the free gifts.  But I get my round of free gifts when I was in the commissary... a sales lady was giving out free samples of perfume and I quickly lined up for that. :)

Special Gift In Us

I signed up for a worship seminar last month... there are four sessions and they are conducted by a group of professional singers from Kuala Lumpur.  This coming Saturday is the 2nd training session, too bad I missed the first one cos I was in Bangkok that time.  I hope I will be able to catch up this coming Saturday... feeling all excited to go... Music is always in my blood, though I do not know how to sing very well but the burning interest is with me... the passion is strong...
As the Bible says, each of us have a special gift in us....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cool Designs Sunglasses

These hot sunny weather days are not over yet.  I really do not like to drive during the hot afternoons especially nowadays.  I have lost my pair of sunglasses, not really lost, I think I must have misplaced them somewhere.  Being absent minded, I cannot recall where I have put them.  If they are still not found within a week, I would have to get a new pair of sunglasses.  My eyes will not need to "suffer" any more during the day when the sun is glaring into my eyes.  I think I better check out for carrera sunglasses for their beautiful designs, they really look very cool and I think I will look great in them! :)

Health and Body

It is advisable to keep track of our health no matter how old we are.  Keeping ourselves fit and strong, we must have a healthy lifestyle. Not only the food that we eat but we must also have a balanced lifestyle and one of the most important thing we do each day is to exercise our body.  From the top to the bottom, each of our limbs play an important part.  It is never too late to start and it is never too early not to be healthy... So what are you going to do with your body today? :)