Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prevention and Protection Comes Together

Nowadays I never subscribe to hardcopy newspaper anymore, I update myself with online news and have been doing that for the past few years.  One of the reasons for not buying newspaper is that I do not want to read distressing news each day.  Murders, robberies, kidnapping, rape, lives lost in fires and many more tragedies that bring sorrow and pain when I read about them.  I prefer to read the do and don'ts, how to prevent or avoid such tragedy and recently I went for a seminar talk on how to "survive" in a city, literally. 
City survival is for the ladies especially the teens and the young adults, how to prevent oneself from being stalked and become a victim of rape and murder which has been happening rampantly these days.  The speaker has taken efforts to analyze case after case, why and how it happened and what are the ways to avoid such mishap.  In cases like fires, he recommended that we should invest in some protection and one of them is getting some fire blankets for home.  With these anti-fire blankets, the percentage of getting burnt is low, accidents do happen at home, especially with small kids and toddlers, it is best that we keep some household protection.  As the saying goes, it is advisable to invest in some protection and get some prevention.

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Traumatic Experience

As a mother, I can feel the anguish and the trauma of the parents whose son is still missing.  I can still remember one time when my own son wandered off by himself when he was three or four years of age.  My husband and I were in the shopping mall and each of us took for granted that I was holding my son's hand and vice versa when we were walking among the crowd.  Then when we realized that my second son has wandered off without us knowing, we really panicked!  We separated ways to look for him ... and after few minutes we found him walking in the opposite direction crying away.... oh Gosh.. imagine our relief!!  Immediately, my husband wanted to go home.. no mood to shop anymore after the  feeling of fear and the panic...

This clearly shows me that I cannot blame any mother or father for losing their child.. sometimes it just happens without a slightest thought that our kids can just walk off by themselves.. we are just not prepared for that.. but only after experiencing it in real, we learn a lesson... that is, never take for granted.. we must really be real... get real... think real... don't let other thoughts get into our way especially when our small kids are with us..

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cheap And Nice

Talking about cheap used instruments, it gives me an idea that perhaps I should get a second hand guitar instead of buying  a new one.  My friend suggested that a used guitar is good choice too, something like "seasoned" strings on the guitar and it gives better sound effect.  Yes, I believe it and not only it is better, the price of a used guitar is comparatively cheaper than a new one.   It gives me an idea, I might sell my current guitar for a cheaper rate and exchange it for another "second-hand" guitar with better effect.  This way I will not have to spend a lot, right? :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Obesity In Malaysia

Today I read the Star news in amusement... it is written that Malaysia is now rated as the fattest country in South-East Asia!  According to our Health Minister, this title is not glorious.  I nearly laughed out loud when I read that. 

Well, I really do not have any doubt about that.  Who are we to blame for our obesity?  No one but us... we are of mixed culture and having mixed culture, food is surely different as well.  And I, for one, love food so much that I travel just to taste the good food... LOL...

One thing I know for sure... we Malaysians have too much varieties of food.. most of them are so tasty that one cannot resist having more than three meals per day....

So...what shall we do, Malaysians?  How do we keep fit and healthy  with all the food temptations around us each day?  Tell me...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter Clothing

I remember it was freezing cold when I went to Korea during the winter a couple of years ago, I have never experienced such coldness.  Even my kids were shivering in their winter clothing, gloves and woolen caps.  But despite the cold weather, our family trip is very memorable.  We had a lot of fun traveling as a family and if there is another opportunity, we would love to go during winter again.  But this time we must equip ourselves with the proper winter clothing and we canfind patagonia on sale here in this website.

Christmas Caroling

Oh dear... this is a backlog post no doubt about that.. but then I need to post it up for remembrance sake.  This one is kind of special because I got invited to a Christmas party by a neighbor staying few houses away from me.  We know each other by signt only because I always walk Labbie in the evenings and I always pass this house.  One day the owner of the house came out and called me... not by name but by saying Good evening.. are you free on such date?  And knowing he is a christian too, I accepted readily and I was so glad that I went.  Christmas is indeed a time to worship our Jesus Christ as one family regardless which church we go to....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Playing With Mitzi

I love playing with Mitzi while I was holidaying in my sister's ranch in Sacramento.  Mitzi is her pet mongrel, she is a very intelligent dog and while we were there, she loves to play catch with us.  What I usually do each morning is to throw a frisbee in the air and she will quickly run after it and jumped up to catch hold of the frisbee!  Even I am writing this, my heart feels enlightened just imagining the scenerio in my mind.  The next time I go, I know what to get for Mitzi, it would be great to give her a new frisbie and I can even get some beautiful personalized frisbees  over here in this website!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Farewell Gathering

Our church pastor is now Reverend Thomas... Pastor Jeya has been promoted and now residing in Petaling Jaya.  Before he left, he gave us the last sermon on Christmas Day and after the service, the church gave him a farewell lunch and also to commemorate the birth of Christ.
The crowd outside the concourse after the service...
listening to the farewell speech ...
We wish our Pastor all the best...
Many of us miss him... his sermons... 
They are very dynamic...
Hope he will come back to church on and off to give sermons again...

Computer Carts

I do most of my computer work in my own bedroom because I love to multi task.  With the laptop on the bed and sitting on a low chair, I will watch television and at the same time, I will surf the Internet.  But lately my back is giving me some kind of ache and my friends advised me to look into these computer carts at standsandmounts and get one suitable for myself.  They told me that I am not young anymore, I need to have a proper table to do my work and not to put my laptop on the bed.  It is also dangerous in a way, don't you think so?  Yes, I will certainly look into these computer carts and get one for myself.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Birthday Celebration

We had a small celebration the other day.. one of the cell group member's birthday and each of us brought some food to our cell leader's house, sort of a pot bless. When each of us bring something, the table will surely be filled with Food Glorious Food... that makes us very happy!!
Here we are.. the ladies in all smiles...
This is part of the food... there are more... on another table..
And before we partake, we sang our praise songs...
To thank our Lord for His blessings upon our lives...
And to bless the food for our bodily needs...
Praise The Lord....

Job Vacancies

I was told that the world economy is not strong and many people are being "laid off" in one way or another.  When I was holidaying in Sacramento, my sister also mentioned something about jobs being scarce and that we cannot afford to choose our jobs anymore like we used to.  But recently I came across this website that brings some good news to those who are seeking jobs.  For those looking for jobs, they can now submit these dillons application which has hourly position needing to be filled in throughout all Dillions store locations.  From what I read here, they have vacancies for cashier, bagger, stock clerk and grocery clerk jobs.  Well, this will be a good time to log in and find out more for yourself if you are looking for a job.

City Survival Talk Not To Be Missed

Quite some time ago, my friend called me up to attend a City Survival Talk in Heritage Hotel here in Ipoh.  I was quite reluctant at first, I dread going to talks and seminars but I felt not nice for rejecting not once but few times already... so I felt very embarrassed to reject one more time again.

And.... after going to listen to that Talk by Captain Bala, I really wanted to Thank my friend for not giving up on me!  The City Survival presented by Captain Bala was indeed very emotional and educational, I am so glad that I brought my girl along to listen.  And not only her alone, I brought another two friends along too.  Really no regrets....

If Captain Bala is coming by to Ipoh again, do remember, Ladies, this is not to be missed, you must go and experience what is in store... now with our unsafe society, ladies must learn to be smart.... and play safe.....

Manufacturing Factory

My friend's husband is in the machinery line and she always used to tell me that her husband comes home very exhausted whenever there is a new project on making shaft couplings in the factory.  Her husband told her that his eyes were very tired due to the concentration on the mouldings, they are too minute for his eyes.  But lately things changed for the better, the factory boss had decided to order the shaft couplings from online websites in bulks rather than manufacturing them.  No doubt the profit will be less but then the cost production will be reduced. Anyway, now my friend does not complain anymore about her husband's fatigue, he is now transferred to another department where he does not have to do manufacturing on the minute items in the factory.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Singing And Praising

The night started off with some worship songs and we have prepared and practised a few songs to commemorate the occasion. 

My friends and I love singing and we had a good time singing praises to our Lord.  The night was joyful and everyone had a good time interacting with one another.  The young and old enjoyed themselves tremendously, food was abundant, a magic show was also performed.  But since the next day was a working day, we ended our party early around 10pm and by the time we packed up, it was almost 11pm.  Well, we had a good time and I hope those who came have been blessed by our good Lord.

Salon Pos System

Someone asked me, "where do I buy a salon pos system?"  Well, I think I have an answer for him.  He can log in to this website to get all he needs to have.   From what I know is that a Basic Salon and Spa System comes complete with a personal computer, cash drawer, laser barcode scanner, impact printer, 17" monitor and an appropriate software.  This is what my friend needs for his business, I hope he has all the information in this website.  As for me, I only need a basic laptop for my daily work, checking emails, publishing my posts in my blog and of course, keeping in touch with my friends through Facebook!


Invitation To My Colleague

For the past few weeks, our non stop celebration parties kept going on and on.  Thanks to our cell group leader who is very actively arranging all these events on behalf of our cell group and inviting non-Christians to the parties.  Each of us were assigned to invite at least one friend to the party and I was stunned when my colleague accepted the invitation.  I am glad that she did come to the event party and I hope to see her in church one day. 
Praise The Lord!

A Gift For Him

Andy's birthday is coming soon... I am still thinking about what to buy for him, shirts and pants are commonly bought each year.  When I asked him the other day what he wanted for his birthday, he told me that he hasn't thought about it yet and told me not to waste money buying something that he does not need.  Yeah, he has a point there.  But I remember some time ago, he mentioned that he needs a watch, he does not have one at the moment and I think he will like one, something like this TAG Heuer over here.  They are so classic looking and their designs are really exquisite looking.  I think I will allow him to choose one in this website within a certain budget. :)