Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Speeding Up My Work

Oh dear, my office computer is having some technical problems again!  Not a good time to "conk out" definitely, there are so much work to be done. Even the technical man did not manage to get it repaired yesterday, I wonder what is wrong with the server or perhaps it is the software that is giving the problem?  I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible, there are just too much work piling up as now.  I will be going on leave tomorrow and if I know how to speed up computer, I mean if I know how to repair it, I would do it at this very minute.  Now I am so worried that my leave will not be approved.... sigh...

Changing Theme

It has been a long while since I updated this blog, I guess I cannot manage more than one blog unless I retire one day?  I thought of deleting this blog and get started all over again, this time with a different theme, well, not really a very different one, I was thinking of writing songs... yes, you heard me right... music is my passion and it might be encouraging to put up songs that relate to the oldies, the current and the future.  (Future songs means the ones I am intending to write!) hahahaha.. of course, provided I have the time and the talent which I do not have at the moment!  :)  Well, never know, one day I might surprise the whole lot of you here, including myself.... hahaha..

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stay Healthy

After my recuperation, I have to remind myself to take up exercise, a proper and fit exercise suitable for my age and my condition.  Friends suggested brisk walking and light exercises in the gym, swimming and line dancing.  Some even asked me to look for a yoga mat carrier now to prepare myself for stretching exercises later on.  Well, I am still under treatment, once I am fit and fine, I will ask for advice from the doctor. 

All Glory

I really want to thank God that there is nothing serious in my swollen gland.  According to the gynae, this cyst can occur to anyone, virgin, young or old, it is just a blocked duct and the gland will swell due to it.  Doc made me go for immediate surgery under GA... it just took ten minutes of surgery, according to him.. and I went into the operation theatre with a fast thumping heart....and in an hour, I was out and pushed back to the normal ward... I will tell of more details later on...

All praise and glory to God, our Lord..