Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Special Events To Host

This is the summer time of the year and it is the best time to "tie a knot."  Wedding bells are in the air and there are lots of wedding invitations being sent out.  Restaurants and ballrooms are fully booked, I heard but worry not, you can still have the wedding going on.  There are Estate Wedding event locations for rent and all you have to do is to log into their website to choose the place where you want to hold your important event.  Besides weddings, there are many locations for rental that can host family reunions, retreats, conferences and other special events besides weddings.

In fact holding in these type of well-manicured lawns can be very special for your events.  I remember attending a wedding event taken place in a very special vast lawn, decorated with beautiful lights and frills... it was so romantic.  It was such an awesome event, one that will last in our minds for a long time.

So if you are holding any great and special events, this is the right time and option to log into this website here for more information and details.  You can also log in to their Facebook on EstateWeddingsAndEvents to get the latest updates.  I am sure with the proper preparation, your event function will be on everyone's lips and it will be remembered always.

This Blog Might Be Under Maintenance Soon

I am going to change the theme of this blog soon... either that or I am going to shut down this because I just cannot manage two blogs at one go... Maintaining two at the same time take a lot of time and since I am still working, it is almost impossible.  I wonder how some other bloggers can manage to maintain few blogs at the same time and daily updating them too.  Salute!
Anyway, I am thankful that I have learn a lot from blogging... knowing so many people from all over the world and learning a lot from them as well, not forgetting winning a few giveaways here and there... hahaha...
Thank you for your support!!