Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Are Here To Praise YOU!

I attended my first official Methodist Senior Fellowship night at the beginning of this month.  It was indeed an memorable affair for me because I was given the privilege to lead in the worship and in front of a crowd.  I was overwhelmed with excitement... the shivers that sprang inside me was not at all encouraging.  I have learn my lessons previously, the more I was determined to give a good praise, the less I was able to perform it well.  This time I am more prepared, not due to more practices but prayers!  The week before the real day, I lifted up this petition to my Lord, submitting to Him and asking for a prepared heart.. just to focus on Him and not on my own ability.  The songs are for Him, we have to sing it wholeheartedly.  Give me a humble heart to enjoy the worshiping, not to please others but wholehearted for Him.  Indeed it works!  The night of Praise and Worship went on tremendously well, the chords did not get entangled by my fingers, I was able to play without any panic of keys, if you know what I mean... and right till the end, I really have to give Him all the Praise He deserves!!


Em        A                     D

We are here to praise you, lift our hearts and sing
D               Em      A

We are here to give you


the best that we can bring

D/F#            G A                 F#m Bm

And it is our love, rising from our hearts

             Em           A7            D

Everything within us cries, I love you Lord

D               Em        A                     D

We are here to praise you, lift our hearts and sing
D               Em    A                         D

We are here to give you the best that we can bring
D/F#            G  A                F#m Bm

And it is our love, rising from our hearts

              Em          A7      G D

Everything within us cries, Abba Father

D/F#            G      A                D Bm

Help us now to give you pleasure and delight
                    Em          A7              D

Heart and mind and will that say "I love you Lord"

Woodcraft Furniture

All along I am enthralled with wood furniture.  If it is possible, I would like to furnish my whole living hall with wooden chairs, tables and cupboards and it would be possible if I log in to woodcraft supply.  Everything will look so neat and nice!  But as it is now, my living hall consists of different varieties, leather sofas, glass coffee tables and wooden cupboards.  They are so mixed up in a way!  LOL.... Well, but worry not, as the saying goes, we need to be contented with what we have, what we need is more important than what we want, right?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Where Do I Begin - Love Story

My blog is now "revamped"... from today onwards, this blog will be anew and renewed. I will blog about my life, my passion for music and how it flows in to each day's circumstances.  Music is the main theme here.  Without music, the world will stand still.  Music is not just about the instruments but voices that come out from our mouth.... 

And now... 

Where do I begin... to tell the story of how great a Love can be...
The sweet love story that is older than the sea...
That sings the truth about the love He brings to me...
Where do I start...

Well, let me start off with giving Thanks to my one and only Almighty God... For He has indeed a Blessing in my life.. without Him, I am a goner... gone case lady!  The story of my life with Him started in the year 1997, the same year my partner was allowed to be taken away... and since then... I am in "another world".. a very different world...

Everything I own, everything I have... they do not belong to me now...

C     G     Dm    F      G7


C     G     F     G      Csus C


          F     G      Em           Am

    Dm    G       C7


    F    G      Em                Am             

    Dm    G       C



Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spring Cleaning

There are three stacks of DVDs still lying on on top of my TV cabinet.  If something is not done about them soon, they will be donated or given away, I told my kids.  Most of the DVDs belong to them and my son suggested some DVD cabinets, that will solve all the problem!  But the question is, will we still use them?  Do we still want to watch the movies over and over again?  I do not like to keep things which are not useable anymore.  I still have bags of clothes to be given away, all are lying in my store room.  One of these days, I need to spring clean my house again.  Wait till my heroes are back home, they are a great help! :)

A Gathering Of Love

The next MSF will be here again... each time I look forward to going to this fellowship and I must confess that it is also Food-old-Ship that keep me going.  Besides the fellowship with one another, it is wonderful to be in the presence of the Lord, to worship Him with all our hearts.  While at times our stomachs are sort of "rumbling".. nevertheless, getting together and praising Him in songs have a wonderful effect on us after that.  One can feel the love and the bonding with another... the joy and contentment is always written on the faces of many who come...