Saturday, July 27, 2013

Musical Instruments

I really enjoyed the night of worshiping in the Concourse area during the MSF night.  Everything went on fine except for the sound system.  There was only one amplifier around and it would be great if there were more nicer speakers to accommodate the sound system.  I remember coming by to this website where they have a nice range of cool phantom power supply at musicians friend.  To know more about musical instruments and their products, I would strongly recommend this, I have thought of getting a whole set for my home use.  I do not not need to visit karaoke lounges anymore, a home-based one will be very much comfortable!


It runs in the family... out of six siblings including me, five of us simply loves singing!  I wonder whether we got our genes from our mom or our pa...  well, whoever we got it from, it does not matter... music is definitely in our blood!  I remember my father loves to dance and my mom loves to sing, I guess both are in the music stream!  LOL...
Well, the best thing that happens to me is that I love to worship and sing my heart out to my Lord.. Words that touch my heart, words that speak on behalf of how I feel and wanting my Lord to know... that is the most important of it all...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Minor Renovation

My house has been undersgoing some minor renovation recently.  The contractor has stopped half-way citing that some certain stock was inadequate and he is waiting for the products to arrive.  This left me in the lurch, I would rather he finishes the renovation at "one go" so that I can tidy up the house once and for all.  My balcony is in a mess due to some "leftovers".. some metals stuff and they reminded me of the u-bolts in this website.  I hope the contractor will be able to finish before end of this month, I really don't like to see my house in a mess and it is very tedious to clean up again and again...

A Night Of Worship And Songs

It was a night of fun and joy worshiping and praising our Lord God... Finally I am enrolled into the Methodist Senior Fellowship because now I have reached my 50s "landmark."  :)

From now on, whenever there are any activities in MSF, I will get to join in the fun.  Every now and then, they go for day trips, organized by a few of the members.  I heard it is great fun, going as  a group.  I hope one day I will be able to join in the excursion... now that I am still working, I might not be able to join as often as I want to.... but when the day of retirement comes for me, there will not be a problem anymore...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Events And Gifts

My girl is now in her second year in college, she is considered a "senior" now in a way.  New students are coming in every now and then.   It has been more than a year now since she left home and I remember I was so worried for her when she did.  She is the "baby" in the family and I couldn't imagine that she has to do everything by herself now.  Well, whatever it is, I wish her well and she is now very independent now.  Lately she told me that there are a lot of events going on in her college, she is a committee member and need to be in charge of some sponsorship thingy.  One of them is to get some unique gifts for some outstanding students and I would like to suggest these  class rings high school to her.  She might find some suitable gifts here in this website and might give her some ideas in one way or another.

Two Practices In One Day

Worship practice started at 4pm and it went all the way to nearly 6pm... voices almost gone by then ... .LOL.. but I enjoyed the practice tremendously!  There are two different events actually, the earlier practice was for the Lighthouse ministry and they will be celebrating their annual anniversary on the 25th July 2013.  All are invited to join in the celebration and the group of us are going to render five songs during the occasion.  I am looking forward to the day and I hope I will be able to reach there in time.  It is still a working day for me and the event will start around 5pm... I have to rush from the office to the Lighthouse ministry which is ten minutes from my office if there is no traffic jam!

Another practice was at 5pm today and it was for the Sunday sermon tomorrow.... well, another three songs and two hymns will be rendered... the prayer by Joel this evening was short and meaningful... he prayed that we will focus on God when we sing and not for ourselves...that is what worship means!  I Amen to that... anytime!