Sunday, July 24, 2011

Medical Support Hose

As I have complained on and off again, my legs are giving me some problem these days. I did not do much aerobic exercises for the past few months, the knees are sort of "creaking" when I bend them and I have to be "extra careful" when I climbed or descend the stairs. Well, talking about aging, I guess this is part and parcel of life.
But all is not lost, recently, I came across a few websites on medical support hose, they come in stylish, slim and elegant looking pantyhose. At least when I wear them, I do not look like I am wearing some medical bandages around my legs. From what is written here, these support hose are very comfortable and they contains a built-in shaping top to slim our tummy, hips and thighs and not forgetting our bums too! LOL... This is what I like to have, at the same time, looking chic and elegant too plus of course, they have features that can give us the medical comfort. It should be effective if we were to wear it daily. Maybe I should get a pair of these and try out, after all, the prices are quite affordable!

Short Holiday

I praise God for allowing us to get a nice vacation right here in Penang. Love this type of holiday with my kids, though it is a short stay, nevertheless, it is great to get away from work stress and home chores. LOL....
I thank God for everything, making it possible for us... we had a wonderful time and hope in another month or so, we can be able to have another holiday here once again.
God is great... God is good... all the TIME!

Relaxation With Spa

My kids and I are in the hotel room now, we checked in yesterday afternoon after an exhausting three hours of driving. At the reception counter, I saw some promotion leaflets on Balinese spa and massage and they were really cheap. I told my girl that I would love to have an hour of spa and massage, I want to relax my body first before continuing our tour again in the later evening. She also wanted to go for one though she does not understand what a spa really means. From the leaflet, she could see an image of a lady closing her eyes and having a real relaxing look on her face, and a contented smile.
Well, I guess for those of us who really work hard in the office or at home, this is the time to get ourselves an outdoor spa if our house could accommodate one. Working pressure and stress will be long gone and I think I would be looking ten years younger! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Engineering Companies

Both my sons are in the engineering career now, one is working and another son is still pursuing his electrical and electronics degree. Once he has achieved his degree, he told me that he will search for more information on electrical engineering companies before venturing out to attend interviews. I do not know why both of my sons are interested in engineering, I guess they are following their father's footsteps, in fact, I let them decide, never once I have encouraged them to take up engineering. It is their decision all the while and I hope that they have chosen the right paths and will not regret later on. There are a lot of websites in the Internet actually, one can find whatever information on individual's career. It is advisable to read and get more details online before embarking to further their studies and to choose suitable jobs later on in life.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Taming The Tiger

Yesterday we had a special guest speaker, his name is Tony Anthony, mother chinese, father Italian... from the moment he stepped up into the stage, most of the congregation were fixed on him. The hall was full to the brim and I am sure all of us were touched by his testimony....

He called himself a tiger because he was "ferocious" from a very young age. He was born in London and was sent back to China when he was four years old. His grandparents brought him up till he was twelve, during the time he was there, his grandfather taught him "kungfu." From that young age, he was physically abused... perhaps due to the strict discipline of kungfu....

During his years of kungfu training, he grew up as a trainer and a bodyguard. During the 1980s, he committed some crimes and was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. During that three years, he was paid weekly visits by a christian from Crypus..... and to cut my post short, he received Christ when he was at his "downest" period of time......

Earthly statement... seeing is believing....we see then only we believe, right... BUT as Christians, Believing is Seeing... when we believe in God, we will see Him.... truly we will see His goodness...

At the end of the service, there was an altar call, many of us came up to him and received a prayer... that includes me as well... it is indeed a touching testimony...

God is Good....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear Pastor

Pastor, yesterday's sermon made an impact on me... especially the one part when you mentioned that your earthly father passed away when you were twelve and your brother was only five years old. Further to that, you added that you were very angry with your father for "leaving" you and your family at the stage when you needed him most. Along the way in whatever you do, you think of your father... how he would react if only he was there with you... the anger in you thinking that he abandoned you had left you with thoughts of suicide, being a teenager and all that...

I think I can understand you very well if others can't. I can remember my own anger and frustration when my husband left me with my three young kids of three, six and nine years of age. In just a matter of minutes, the father of my 3 kids left us.... in just a matter of some minutes, his heart failed him and he is gone from our lives forever....

My kids are now grown, youngest girl is 17 now, followed by my two sons of 20 and 23. Life is not easy in the earlier years when their father was not around.. BUT through God's grace and love, we managed to strive on... and it is actually not so difficult now... Whether it is my "shortness of memory" or "pre-dementia", if you ask me how tough life was, I really do not know what to say... Not that I cannot tell you, I really do not remember how tough life was during the earlier years. Perhaps our Lord has bless me with a short memory so that I will not think back with sorrow but to go forward with joy for Him...

But there is one incident that I could remember very well.... one of my ex colleagues came to my house a week after his demise... she was kind of emotional and in her anger, she scolded in front of my husband's picture... "You are very bad, leaving your wife and your kids behind!"

Well, Pastor, when you said you were angry with your father for leaving you, it is very well understood by me....

But as time goes by.... we know that everything happens for a reason.... God knows though we do not .... and we can be consoled by this Romans 8:28...

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stage Fright

With my guitar in one hand and a tambourine in another, I hope I can continue to worship and sing in church as long as I can still manage. Sometimes I dream of being a lead worshiper, I mean real dreams, I mean I dreamt about it on and off. But when I imagine myself being on stage leading, my legs like turn "jelly." In fact one lead worshiper asked me why I did not want to be a lead worshiper since I can sing and can listen to the music.... I was caught off guarded... and the only reason I could think of that day was... I get stage fright if I lead.. but as a back-up singer, I am not nervous at all...
Gosh... I guess I need God to grant me courage....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

He Thinks I Still Care

There is a song that always seem to linger in my mind... it is about a guy who is quite obsessed and believes that the gal is still caring for him though she is not... I feel this song is familiar to one part of my life... earlier on...

He Thinks I Still Care
Anne Murray
Written by D. L. Lipscomb

Just because I ask a friend about him
Just because I spoke his name somewhere
Just because I rang his number by mistake today
He thinks I still care

Just because I haunt the same old places
Where the mem'ry of him lingers everywhere
Just because I'm not the happy girl I used to be
He thinks I still care

And if he's happy thinking I still need him
Then let that silly notion bring him cheer
But how could he ever be so foolish?
Or where would he get such an idea?

Just because I ask a friend about him
Just because I spoke his name somewhere
Just because I saw him, then went all to pieces
He thinks I still care

Yes, he thinks I still care