Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wonderful Fellowship

I did not go to church last weekend, my friends from Canada were here... it was great having them around, we had not seen each other for more two years, since I went there in 2007. Yvonne and I had a wonderful fellowship with our Lord too... we prayed about our family, praising God for all His goodness and grace upon our lives. We prayed for our loved ones who have not believed in Him yet and the Lord will shower them with His mercy. Yes, our Lord hears our prayers and He will make the best out of our lives. This, we have faith in Him....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ice Breaking Games

Every Friday our cell group used to have ice breaker games before starting off the worship and discussion. This is the most interesting time to come together to have fun and making everyone especially the new comers to warm up with each other. But for the past few weeks we did not have any ice breaker games because we had practically run out of ideas of what to play.

Just moments ago, I came across this website where it provides countless games for us to have fun during party time and cell meetings like this. Their main objectives is to make people break out from their shyness in a way, or to let them settle down comfortably with one another before the real meeting starts. Another objective is to kick start the fun, that is by initiating an activity whereby you get the "ball rolling." All these are part of the team building activities.

As a group, whether it is a big group or small, we need to be united, cohesion and trust with one another. With the cooperation, the fun will be energizing and enjoyable, that makes the occasion a success! For more details and more "fun", log into their website and you will be amazed with all the fun you can get over here!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Presence of the Holy Spirit

Worship is the best intercession between God and us... through our praise and worship songs, we can feel the presence of our Lord in our midst. Last Monday it was a very meaningful night for us, sister Chun was leading when she felt the power of the Holy Spirit in her.
This is a good testimony, I believe our Lord is in our midst no matter how we worship Him, if we just focus our hearts towards Him, the presence of His Holy Spirit can be felt in our lives.

the golden girls' birthday...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

7 Excellent Choices of Toys for Little Girls

7 Excellent Choices of Toys for Little Girls

The top seven excellent choices of toys that small girls love to play include the following: play kitchen sets, dolls, doll houses, dress up toys, Silly Bandz, Furreal Friends and Snuggimals, and bikes and motorized vehicles.

Little girls are just so animated and they love to play all the girly stuff. With the endless releases of new toys around, shopping can be really be confusing. Here are some exciting new and classic toys that small girls really love to play:

Play kitchen sets

A kitchen set like KidKraft pink retro kitchen is not only a fun pretend house play, but also a great toy to develop the creative imagination of little girls. Imagine their fun when pretending to cook meals complete with all the kitchen equipment and utensils, great details, and realistic kitchen with faucet that swivels and knobs that really turn. It is a fun toy for little girls whether they are playing by themselves or with friends around.


Girls love to play with dolls. They love to dress them up, comb their hair, accessorize them, and do just about anything they can do. There are a lot of dolls to choose from. Classic Barbie dolls have always been popular to kids, especially that Barbie now has a series of animated movies, released with featured dolls. Corolle dolls are so much fun to play, too. Their texture is so soft that kids love to cuddle them. Their face is kissable -safe that parents do not have to worry about the chemicals and all. They also feature different baby dolls that little girls can actually feed and even bathe. Another great doll is Dora links doll by Mattel. It's a fun-filled adventure with Dora Links, as Dora how grown into a girl making some fashion adventure. Girls can connect Dora to their PC and with some button clicks, they can change the length of Dora's hair, the color of her eyes, and also her necklace. They can even buy clothes and accessories for Dora over Dora's online store and also play games with Dora right on their PC.

Doll houses

Enhance the imagination of little girls and let the fun begin. Kids can tell and and show their own story with their colorful doll houses. Wooden doll houses are great classics that little girls love to play. Kids can use their existing little play dolls, while most doll houses come with a family set of father, mother, and baby wooden dolls. Fisher-Price's Loving Family Grand Doll house has also gained popularity, with high ratings for its realistic details, portability, and lower price compared to wooden doll houses.

Dress up toys

Little girls do not only love to dress up their dolls; they love to dress themselves up! You can find plenty of lovable outfits depending on their favorite theme or character. American Girl Dolls have holiday outfits for little girls that match their adorable dolls. Fairy dresses, princess gowns, and character costumes are great for these little girls' pretend plays, too. Do not forget to check out some accessories that match their outfits, such as magic wands for fairies and crowns for princesses.

Silly Bandz

Being tight with budget doesn't mean you can't get anything at all for your little girl. Check out Silly Bandz, which is on the top ten toys for girls in Amazon and a great fad among girls in school. These colorful wrist bands come in different shapes and themes: fun shapes, princess shapes, sea creatures, and pets. These bands go great with little girls' day to day adventures.

Furreal Friends and Snuggimals

These snugly little animal toys are so much fun for little girls. They are like real pets with fur that fortunately gives you no allergies. They move like real pets - Furreal dogs that move their heads and tail when you pet their backs; cats that knead their paws, meows, and purrs like a real kitty, and even a new born panda that moves like a real panda and that you can feed milk on. Imagine how much fun it gives to little girls who love pets.

Bikes and motorized vehicles

This is a must-have for little girls with adventurous spirit. Make sure you get one appropriate for your little girl's age. Pink power wheels, pink bikes, or trikes are great for outdoor adventures your little girl will always enjoy. Match it up with colorful protective gears and they're good to go.

Always remember that when you go shopping, the toy you give is as special as your little princess. To give a little a extra special touch, wrap your gift in lovely shades of her favorite color or her favorite character. Then you can see how her face lights up when taking your enchanting present.