Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays people are more health conscious already.  My brother-in-law who was an avid smoker last time had eventually gave up smoking recently.  One of the advice I heard is "never touch anything that burns in your lips, once you start, it will be difficult to end" and that includes cigars for beginners too.  Some said cigars are not as "damaging" as the cigarettes but I still love that quote above.  Don't put anything in our mouth that could lead to side effects in our bodies.  Anyway, I am glad that my BIL has given up on smoking and I hope he will start to lead a healthy lifestyle from now onwards.

MSF Night Of Celebration

Yes, it was another day of celebration again.. Methodist Senior Fellowship in the Concourse area in CGMC. I love coming by to these functions, not only the fellowship was fantastic and fun, it is also a time for worshiping and praising our Almighty God! Blessing one another with prayers and singing birthday songs to those are born during the first three months of the year and of course, after all these, the hunger of our stomach would be fully satisfied with the endless and abundant food that were laid out on the long tables...
the worshipers...
the blessings upon the Birthday girls and boys...
and the endless special homecooked food!
What more can you ask?
It is indeed a Special Night for us All...
Praise The Lord!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Musical Intrument

I am very interested in music.  If I could turn back the clock to thirty years back, I would take up music for sure!  But unfortunately, during my time, there was no such opportunity for me to pursue my studies lest alone music.  Anyway, all is not lost, I can still pursue my passion in music by singing and playing my guitar.  Awhile ago, I came across the word Oboe as one of the music instruments, have you ever heard of it?  From what I read here, an oboe is a soprano-ranged, double reed musical instrument made from a wooden tube, with metal keys, a conical bore and a flared bell.   Well, indeed it sounds interesting, something like a clarinet to me.  :)  I would love to listen to the live music of this oboe if I may, any musical instrument will portray out good music, I am sure.

SPM/STPM Crucial Moments

Now that the STPM and SPM results are out, there will be oncoming advertisements on colleges, Universities offering their assistance to the students.  There will be education fairs held in big cities to give out information to those who are pursuing their ambitions and interest.  These fairs are pretty helpful for students who have yet to make up their minds on what subjects to take, their fees, the duration of the courses and accommodation. 
I remember during my girl's time when she had her results, she was still "blur" about what the course she wanted to pursue.  Both of us went to education fairs, traveled outstation to find out more about the college, applied for scholarships and attending interviews.  It is really a time of decision making. 
As parents, we know this is a crucial moment unless one has already made a decision even before the results are out.  For those with financial constraints, it is another problem.  We have to seek out loans and scholarships which are so competitive that one should not expect high hopes.  With the strict competition going on, it is like applying for the sake of applying and after that, do not dwell on it.  Then disappointment will not be so great. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Moral Support Is Important

Something I came across today in the online website as I was surfing for news on today's happenings.  There are so many cases of depression in families, in individuals that cause a lot of sadness and uncertainty to human hearts.  But on the positive side, if there are encouragement and moral support from friends and families, the dependency on drugs can be overcome and one of the solutions is to register in the best rehab center.  It is important to focus on the root cause of an individual patient's issues and from there, something positive can be worked out with the help of trained staff and professionals.

Birthday Celebration

It was a time of celebration... a birthday event, one of our cell group member's celebrated her birthday in her house... such a sweet birthday with family members and close friends.  She is such a strong lady, spiritually strong though she couldn't walk or talk properly but her joy, her smiles, her laughter is something we really admire in her.  Through trials and tribulations, she still stay strong and positive.. cos she knows that our Good Lord is with her ... to provide, to protect, to bless her...
Happy Birthday Winnie!
May our Good Lord continues to bless you with joy and love!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Passion For Guitars

There is supposed to be cell group tonight in Jennifer's place but I just received a call from her that a few of the cell members have fallen sick and they were not able to go.  She added that the only person who anticipated in going tonight is the worship leader, he is the main guitarist in our group now.  In fact when he is around in our cell group, he makes music come alive with his guitars.  His passion for music fills our hearts with worship and one time I even asked him to sell me one of his old guitars.  I am all willing to buy from him and I know that he is saving up to get one of these Alvarez Guitars.  Once he has bought it, he will bring it to our cell group...