Thursday, December 18, 2008

Painless Torture

MY MOST FEARED PLACE is none other than the Dentist Clinic. This afternoon I took my girl for the braces appointment and since my one of my tooth needed to be refilled, I had to go and get it done too.... Have been postponing the refill for many months now...sooner or later, it might crack and then it would be too late to "save" the tooth.

When I was sitting on the dentist's chair, I prayed.. I really prayed to Lord Jesus.. I said, Lord, please let me have a painless refill.. please, pain please.. kept on pleading... Dentist was not ready yet at that moment. Then something reflected in my mind...imagine... mine is just a refill of the tooth, how about Our Jesus as He waited on his last day on earth, to be beaten so severely and eventually nailed... yes, NAILED ON THE CROSS....HOW PAINFUL THAT COULD BE!!

What is my little tooth to a big nail on the cross?? How little is mine and great is He!
Thinking of that gave me strength... what am I to HIM that He endureth such pain....

God is Great, Jesus is Great..... few moments later, as the dentist was doing his task, I didn't feel anything pain at all.... REALLY... BELIEVE ME....IT WAS PAINLESS!!


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