Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ice Breaking Games

Every Friday our cell group used to have ice breaker games before starting off the worship and discussion. This is the most interesting time to come together to have fun and making everyone especially the new comers to warm up with each other. But for the past few weeks we did not have any ice breaker games because we had practically run out of ideas of what to play.

Just moments ago, I came across this website where it provides countless games for us to have fun during party time and cell meetings like this. Their main objectives is to make people break out from their shyness in a way, or to let them settle down comfortably with one another before the real meeting starts. Another objective is to kick start the fun, that is by initiating an activity whereby you get the "ball rolling." All these are part of the team building activities.

As a group, whether it is a big group or small, we need to be united, cohesion and trust with one another. With the cooperation, the fun will be energizing and enjoyable, that makes the occasion a success! For more details and more "fun", log into their website and you will be amazed with all the fun you can get over here!


  1. As an educator, we used to have ice breaker games whenever we met in large groups for professional development. Sometimes it was lots of fun. ~karen

  2. Hey what we do is..take out a passage from bible and divide the people into group and ask them to enact the situation in current times.

    Its a revelation for everyone and you never run out of ideas