Saturday, November 12, 2011

Electrical Appliances And Their Latest Gadgets

Oh dear, my LCD television set is in trouble!  Last night when I switched on the TV, it had a three inches dark patch showing horizontally across the screen.  How awful!  This morning I quickly called up the service center and the man relayed these sad news to me.  He told that it is no point getting the TV repaired, the cost will be almost as high as getting a new TV!  Gosh, that is really sad news!  I remember buying this appliance five or six years ago, don't tell me that I have to brush it aside now?  It is just a waste to put it aside and not repairing it, right?  What should I do actually? I better ask for a second opinion before I purchase a new set.
In fact another one of my TV is also going to "conk" out soon, my son has been pestering me to get a full set of home theater, it is not every expensive, so he said.  But I got to check online first before I decide.  There is this website that gives more details and information on electrical stuff, such as the AVR-4311CI receiver among the many choices here in this website.  My son will love this accessory in the house, he told me that watching a movie is very costly, might as well invest in a good set of these home appliances in our living hall.  Well, I will think about it.... yes...


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  2. I can not even begin to understand all the new technology with TVs. I'm just hoping we don't have to replace ours any time soon! :)

  3. I think we will buy a new television next month. The one we have was fixed recently but it has been giving some problems so we had better get a new one.

  4. unfortunately I think they've made things in such a way they breakdown quickly so we'll have to purchase new ones. :(