Monday, July 12, 2010

When Troubles Come..

I am so fearful now... Lord, do take away my worries and my fear.. I know I shouldn't worry so much but I just cannot help it. I am getting more and more paranoid... Yes, I will get it done by tomorrow... help me Lord to overcome this fear... and anything that happens, grant me strength and peace, Lord.. You are all I have hope in.. no one can help me except You.. At this time of distress, I turn to You..I am so sorry that I have not been giving You full attention all these while.. Now I am troubled, I come running to you..
When troubles come, I trust in You
For I know You will lead me through
And I know You are faithful till the end...
When the storms are drawing near
When I'm with You, I don't have to fear
Cos You're my shepherd on whom I can depend..
Through the days, through the nights,
I know You are always by my side...
Lord You are always here with me
There is no changing God in thee
You're the same, yesterday and today and forever more....
Here on Your promises I stand
You hold my future in your hands..
My solid rock, Almighty God..
I worship You...


  1. What a great start to the day!
    Thank you for the reminder :)
    B xx

    p.s. I'm now following this site as well.