Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Put Them On His List...

Peace is a cure-a cure for worry...
Real peace comes from God, it is not something we can completely understand but peace is there for us always provided we choose to take it....

But Me being Me, I always choose to worry a lot.. when my problem props up, I keep on thinking and thinking of it till it stresses me down. Many times I forgot about God and allowing Him to handle my problems, instead, I kept on worrying about what to do about it....

After reading tonight's piece, Peace is from a Great Physician, God....
All I need to do is to tell HIM about my symptoms...

How about you? Do you tell God about your problems?


  1. i can say that i am the same... but thinking and thinking doesn't make problems to go away.. but still

  2. Learn to submit to God. God knows best and in His time he will answer,
    His solution is the perfect one :)

  3. great blog!! thanks for visiting mine. i have been working hard on that worry thing - its a daily thing to remember ;-)

  4. You are not alone. I worry a lot too but I try to overcome them with prayers.

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