Friday, September 16, 2011

Great Sound System

My son and I just went to Courts to have a look at their products there. It was the first time to this mall for both of us and we were amazed to see that the crowd was there in the electrical section listening to the sound system of certain appliances. There were a number of items on promotion and the prices were definitely cheaper than other electrical companies. We walked around looking at computers, speakers, television sets and we finally realized that those items on sale were actually of older models. It is not surprising that the prices are cheaper because new stocks are coming in.
Andy is interested in the getting a new television in his room, he is planning to change his room to his own theatre. Of course, he needs to get my permission first, he is still in college, no way I am going to allow him that but it would be nice if we could get a good system, something like the TVee Model 30 sound system. Perhaps I should get one set, not now but when he finishes his degree in two years time!

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