Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Net10 Unlimited Plan For Us

This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.

My phone bills seem to be increasing each month especially now both of my sons are staying in different towns. This land line I am using presently are based on the distance, the further it is, the more expensive each minute cost. I complained to my friends about this and when one of them told me about Net10 unlimited plan, I was so excited to know more about it.

Basically Net10 Unlimited is one of the best offers in the market these days. Nationwide coverage, unlimited talk, text and data and all these are included in a monthly rate of only $50! Unbelievable? Not only that, there are no attachments, meaning no contracts to bind you up, no surprise bills or credit checks. It has excellent reception and connectivity for all top phone manufacturers. They have a few plans for you to choose from, very suitable for business or personal use. You can use this monthly plan of $50 for local and international calls so for you who are in the business line, you need not worry about your line being cut off. Furthermore they cost only 15 cents per minute to more than 75 countries!

For more details, you can check them on Facebook or Twitter. Just log in and search for Net10 Unlimited or you can even watch the youtube for more information. Seeing is Believing!

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Cute NET10 commercial

Real NET10 customer

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  1. looks like a deal!

    btw, your youtube vid the code's not working i think...

  2. Sounds cool. Thanks for linking up in Exposure 99% weekday hop. Following back and i look forward being part of your blog. Hope you link up again next Monday.