Thursday, December 29, 2011

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe In Orchard Road, Singapore

For dinner during the first night in Orchard Road, my son took us to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe in ION Mall. This cafe reminds me of Kim Gary in Kuala Lumpur, the style and the food are almost similiar...

But the food is definitely better, I can say... here are some of the dishes we took...
foo yu chicken...
noodles with fish balls fillings inside
fried shrimp balls...
chicken chop
I love this best!
koay teow with egg gravy plus endless shrimps!!


  1. the 2nd pic..the noodle certainly look very springy

  2. Such good looking food! Now I am hungry! I have never tried any of these dishes but maybe someday I will. Asian cuisine -- especially the fish and vegetables -- is the best, I think. Enjoy!