Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Honesty In Her

This afternoon my colleagues and I went to Secret Recipe for lunch.  We ordered our individual meals and then I ordered a piece of cake to share among the three of us.  After we finished our meal, my colleague went to the counter to pay.  From the bill, we began to pay our individual share and then we realized that the cake was not printed in the bill.  My colleague looked at me and asked me to go and enquire... but I told her that since she was the one who paid, she should go and asked from the same cashier.  Reluctantly she went and asked the cashier why the cake was not charged... the cashier looked at her in amazement or should I say amusement?  She must be very surprised that there is such an honest customer!  :)  Well, this shows that my colleague is indeed very honest and reliable when it comes to money.... kudos to her!

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