Friday, March 20, 2009

A 30 Question Tag

Thank you Chelle for giving me this 30 QUESTIONS TAG.. ahhhhh... hahahaha.. now I will spend at least 30 minutes cracking my head. Good to keep the brain alive, right? Ok, here goes..

The answers to the questions below must be based on "at this moment."
1. Where is your cellphone - inside my drawer
2. Your hair - shoulder lengthlong...
3. Your father - in heaven
4. Your favorite thing - desktop
5. Your dream last night - cannot recall
6. Your favorite drink - lemon juice
7. Your dream goal - to marry a ang mo
8. The room you are in - in office room now
9. Your fear - not healthy
10. Where do you want to be in 6 years - wherever my kids are
11. Muffins - orange
12. One of your wish list items - to be healthy
13. Where you grew up - Ipoh
14. The last thing you did - washing dog's shit
15. What are you wearing - dress to work
16. Your TV - Panasonic
17. Your pets - Labbie (Labrador)
18. Your computer - Dell
19. Your life - blessings from God always...
20. Your mood - dont want to bite anyone yete
21. Missing someone - my love one (u know who u r)
22. Your car - Vios
23. Favorite store - Tesco
24. Your summer - working
25. Your favorite color - brown
26. When was the last time you laughed - awhile ago
27. When was the last time you cried - cannot remember
28. Last person who emailed you - my son
29. Your favorite food - almost everything asian
30. A place you would rather be right now - in my bedroom with my pc

wow.. hope I will get 100 marks for this exam... ok, who i want to tag? Let me think over first.. who shall i want to "torture".... haha.. just joking.. anyway, anyone who comes by and who wish to crack his/her head, please grab this tag here.. thanks..

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  1. nice to know u more by this tag. . . i was here for a visit hope all is well with you