Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bible Study

During one of the sermons lately, my pastor recommended a book to the congregation. I forgot what the title was but I know it was sort of a guidance book on how to read and meditate on Bible verses. As for me, I do my daily prayers by reading the Bible and interceding with God before I sleep. For the past year, I have been reading Devotional verses and writing a journal on the Bible verses that touches me.

Today I stumbled upon this website, it is about this new book Learn to Study the Bible by Pastor Andy Deane. It relates to us on Bible study methods, in fact, there are 40 different ways on how to do devotional study. The steps are simple, I just read through the sample chapter just now, it is more like the journal I was doing too. God's words are simple if we dedicate more of our time to focus on Him. As my pastor used to say, Let God speaks to us instead of us talking all the time. He speaks through Bible verses and this new book by Pastor Andy Deane might be able to help us Christians to know more about our Living God. Let us spend a quiet time with Him each day....

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