Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Am Not Sick

Pray for a year of healing... my family members, 3 of them are sick... two members with eyes problem and one undergoing chemo. This is a tough year, for them, for us. We must continue to be strong in our faith, persevere, pray and let God do according to His will. We must claim to be strong, don't say "i m sick, i m sick..." dont curse ownself, instead fight against all odds..
I am not sick, I am not!!! Let God be the healer of whatever impurities we have inside..
Thank You, Lord Jesus...


  1. Hi, you go to DUMC too? Will pray for healing for your family.

  2. Hi, are you from DUMC or are u attending Ipoh church? Thanks for dropping by my blog... I'm reciprocating by checking out yours too... hope you don't mind if I link them?

  3. Aside from prayer, I learned a long time ago that I also should reflect on my past deeds and if I made any mistakes that may have caused my misfortune now. I also learned to do more good things in life to offset any bad karmas that I've collected. Wish your family the best.

  4. hallo, followed your blog from lynette's. love all your inspirational words.
    Hope and Pray for healing of all your family members.