Thursday, August 12, 2010

Same Kind Of Different As Me

Same Kind Of Different As Me... this book is very unique in a way, even the title of the book has given an impression that it is simple and yet it is different, unlike all books I have read.
From the first pages of this book, I was taken into the time where the blacks were "un-named" and this guy Denver Moore is one of them.

From young, traumatized by the death of his beloved grandmother and to the years he ran off to a new state with less than $20 in his pocket, he encountered much in his life. Talking to a white is so difficult, let alone making friends. But eventually he found a true friend in Ron Hall, an international art dealer who went into mission with his wife. Together they became firm friends with Denver, breaking him out of his "shell", giving him back the confidence and they walked the journey with God by their side.

This book really brings about emotions of faith and friendship between two men despite the difficulties in life against all odds.

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