Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jesus Our King

Matthew 21:1-17 says about the two incidents in which Jesus communicating God's message not only through His words (teaching, stories) but also through His actions. Riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, declaring Himself as King, the people were excited and elated.
Second incident Jesus's cleansing of the temple is also a prophetic sign of what He wants to do with each of us. He ever seeks to cleanse us of sin and make us living temples of His Holy Spirit.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment and visit. I read your post with interest. I also read that you think that Jesus declared himself King, but I read the four gospels and couldn't find this. I saw however that the people did this and were excited. This is also what I believe.
    I am glad that you dare write about Jesus.Jesus was first and foremost a Jewish man, who lived according to the Jewish rules and laws. He was God's face in the world and God's voice. He was a devout Jewish man filled with love of God and people.