Saturday, September 25, 2010

'We're about to crash' we're not'

"I was just having my tea, when the emergency message was played," said my aunt
Dr. Mary Carla, as we settled in the taxi at Hong Kong International Airport. She had just arrived from London by British Airways Boeing 747 to attend a medical symposium at The University of Hong Kong Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine to be held on September 3, 2010 and to spend a week with us.

"Then what happened?"

"Nothing," said my aunt nodding her head, "The crew came running down the aisle to pacify the agitated passengers saying that it was an automatic message triggered by a computer."

As I am her favorite niece she had kept her promise to visit us at Hong Kong at the first opportunity after I got married to Dr.H.K.Wai, with whom I fell in love, when we were doing our MD. My husband is a Chinese and I am an Indian and this is the first Indo Chinese marriage in our family. Though we are American citizens, most of our relatives are in India and because of the difference in language and culture there was a lot of opposition to our marriage and if it was not for my aunt's stand we would not have been welcomed in most of the families.

"How did you take it?" I asked in all innocence just to keep the conversation going as I didn't know of what all had transpired inside the British Airways flight.

"Cynthia," said my aunt in her soft voice, "I have told you many times that you have to pray before you step out of your house, before you sleep, as you wake up, before you eat and before you write your exams. If you have prayer on your lips and Jesus in your heart you won't panic. You just cannot."

Pausing for a second as she looked out from the car window, she continued, "From the time you wanted to be a doctor I have been telling you that with Jesus in you, you will have a smile on your face to show to others, particularly your patients that you have Him and His grace. Eliminate fear, for that; bring Jesus to stay in you, permanently."

Turning towards me, she said, "Everyone in the plane thought that they were going to die and made nuisance of themselves, but I kept calm, as I know that my Jesus is on the throne and he is able to look after me and all my needs."

Victor Jasti from India has this passion to write short stories based on Bible and real incidents. He also writes Christian fiction & poetry. Five of his poems were published in Temporal Currents compiled by an American author Ms Christine Tricarico

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