Tuesday, September 28, 2010


HOBO-A was on the park bench again. Sitting and taking in the day, Next to him was the brown bag, with the neck of his devil peeking out also upon the world. The bottle was still un-open but waiting to enrapture HOBO-A into a new day of intoxication.

The friend came along and took a seat next to HOBO-A. Got your devil with you, I see. Well, things just come along and happen. Takes the edge off the world, "keeps me preserved", so they say. The friend said, "let me try to explain GODS theory on alcohol". Though, I'm only just an observer of the situation.

GOD, made wine by the creation of man. Probably some grapes laying in a tub too long. The grape juice gave a good feeling and that was the start. But, GOD in the Bible talks about wine. Not that, ROCKET FUEL, in the pint bottle. WINE gives joy to people. Remember, JESUS, made water wine for a wedding, so it has a position in society.

In PROV: 31 - 4,5,6,7 wine for heavy hearts, those going to die. Others to forget poverty & misery. Though, it's not for KINGS or say leaders - they must have a clear head for the LAW and not forget the LAW and well you know, pervert judgment or justice. Staying drunk or escaping in alcohol, not being functional is SIN. I would say.

Then in PROV: 23 wine is talked about. Drinking long brings on strange women and talking perverse things, or as they say, "TALKING THROUGH YOUR HAT". I would say, it just brings on confusions and looseness of ways, that are maybe not really yourself. Really, it all comes down to the bottom of the glass, saying a glass of wine really is not going to kill you. But, carefulness is importance. TIMOTHY: talks of Deacons, Bishops taking little wine.

Again, JESUS, made water wine, though it was a marriage celebration. HOBO-A - get rid of the "ROCKET FUEL", or maybe alcohol totally, till you can respect it and have a reason for having a glass of wine. That's where it's at to me. Though, I'm only an observer. AND, I enjoy wine for joy, if the joy leaves, I stop. So, HOBO-A, see you latter. Here's a bill have some lunch.
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