Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Changed My Life

You Changed My Life by Max Lucado, I would greatly love to recommend this book for anyone, everyone, young or elderly alike. This book is about real life touching short stories that will capture hearts, they are simply remarkable. They are real life people, like you and me, but with remarkable hearts. You will be amazed to know that there are so many people with unselfish and generous lives who are willing to sacrifice their self being to be a comfort to others.
One that touches me is A Remarkable Love, it is about a man who was injured in a fire trying to save his parents. Unfortunately, they perished and this man's face was badly burned and disfigured. He went into seclusion, even his wife was not permitted to see him. One day his wife went to see a Dr. Maltz, earnestly pleading with the doctor to "disfigure" her face so that she can be like her husband. What amazing love!
Will we ever be able to do that? Because she wants to share his husband's pain, she is willing sacrifice her face as well and hoping her husband would let her into his life again.

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