Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sighted Touch

The sense of touch opens the door to sight in my world of darkness Can a person with 20-20 vision truly understand my groping existence? They sympathize, but heave a sigh of relief that they are not blind.

My fingertips are far more valuable than the retractable white cane stored close by. The loss of one of my senses heightens the sensitivity of others. Fingers are on high alert at all times, sending messages to my mind as clearly and quickly as the blink of an eye.

Finger painting is not merely preschool introduction to art; fingers paint vivid pictures of people, places and things I have never witnessed through natural sight.
By touch, I trace darkened outlines finding shape, size and texture.

I need no date of birth to determine a person's age. Touch seldom lies; I calculate years on weathered faces by fingering worry and laugh lines, wrinkles or dryness. The touch of brittle hair often means gray has replaced richer tones. Receding hairlines accompanied by facial wrinkles affirm my educated guesses.

Loving parents' alert children to the dangers of fire and scalding water with instructions; do not touch! My fingertips contain built in thermometer gages, recording extremes of hot and cold temperatures. I must be very careful and heed their warnings.

Those with clarity of vision pour hot beverages with little thought. I rely on tips of my fingers placed within the rim of the cup. When the liquid touches skin, it is time to stop pouring.

Braille would be impossible without my ability to touch each raised letter or number in letters, books, legal documents, wristwatches, menus, keyboards, restroom signs and more. I can easily attain volumes of information through the written word of Braille.

The next time you feel the sting of a paper cut, slice your finger peeling potatoes, or burn a fingertip with a match, remember me. The sense of touch is a truly remarkable gift. God thinks of everything!

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