Friday, October 22, 2010

A Recipe For Happiness

I remember as a child, visiting my Aunt Mabel by the sea. I don't know what was the more pleasurable - visiting Aunt Mabel, or visiting the sea, for I loved them both! Never was a grown-up so kindly and enthusiastic, so interested in the world, as my Aunt Mabel was. We'd sit on the porch, and she'd tell me stories of when she was a girl - she'd hoot with laughter when I tried to tell a joke. She'd watch me running along the beach, chasing the dancing edges of the waves. In the evenings, as the sea whispered it's secrets to the shells, Aunt Mabel would light a candle on the table outside, and she'd read me passages from the Bible. I'd close my eyes and lay back on the big, old couch and listen, as the stars lit up the sky... y'know, in our own way, over the years, Aunt Mabel and I made quite a study of that Great Book! Last thing at night, Aunt Mabel would take my hands, and draw me close and kiss me. Then she'd send me off to bed, with a blessing. One of my favorite of Aunt Mabel's blessings was this one:

Happiness is
Whatever God gives you to work with
And making a gift of it to others
Letting God's light shine through you
Just a little every day...
That's the surest recipe to chase the blues away!

Why did this little verse mean so much to me?
Well... Aunt Mabel was confined to a wheel-chair; she'd been in that wheel-chair, ever since she was 10 years old when she'd had an accident and fallen from a horse. I guess Aunt Mabel knew a lot about disappointment... but if she did, she didn't show it! I reckon Aunt Mabel had travelled more miles for God in that wheel-chair, than most people do on two good legs. God calls us to take note of our lives, and serve Him with joy and praise - at least, that's what Aunt Mabel used to say. Now, if she could do it from a wheel-chair - how much more able are most of us! No more excuses! We need to take whatever gifts God gives us, and shine!

"Are you called to help others? Do it with all the strength and energy that God supplies. Then God will be given glory in everything through Jesus Christ."

1 Peter 4:11

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