Friday, October 29, 2010

The Homepedoo

When my son was three years old, he had a strange, but very real fear, of a mysterious creature called a hompedoo!
Now, this creature was very sneaky! He just loved to sneak around.
Sometimes he lived in the ward-robe; sometimes he sneaked in under the bed (as such creatures are apt to do!). Sometimes he made himself invisible and hid, so you couldn't see him at all - 'til he got visible again that is, ready to pop out from somewhere, and scare the pants (or P.J.'s) right off of you - especially if you were a little kid!
Well, my husband and I tried to find out about this 'hompedoo', from our small and more than slightly scared, son.
"How big is he?" We asked.
"As big as a elephant!" came the assured reply (never mind that an elephant couldn't fit into his room!)
"How tall is he?" We asked.
"As tall as a giraffe! But sometimes, small... like this..."
A small hand gestured vaguely, near the floor.
"O.K... so, what noise does a hompedoo make?" We asked.
"They growl like this - rraahhh! But mainly, they say nothing at all."
"Really - why's that?" We asked, more intrigued than ever.
Mikey thrust his little hands into his pockets.
"Because!" he said, quite simply, "Because. That's all!”
Well, my husband and I got to thinking. What about this hompedoo? How were we going to go about removing his unwanted presence from our small son's life? We thought and we thought... and then we came up with an idea. We would have to shift Mikey's focus, and get him to concentrate on something else. Well - what was bigger than a hompedoo? - Why, God, of course!
What we had to get Mikey to do was to rely less on himself, and more on God. Even if he was only three, if Mikey could just hand the problem over to the Lord, then things would improve dramatically, we were sure of that - after all, who better than God, to scare a hompedoo away?
Well, before too long, our efforts paid off and soon, don't y'know it - that hompedoo was gone! Not a hair, not a whisker remaining - kavoom!
"Whew! I'm glad I've got God on my side!" exclaimed little Mikey.
And you know, he was absolutely right! What Mikey was learning, was that all-important lesson of trust, and I figure we could learn from it, too. If you've got a problem:
1. Take your focus off of it. Try looking at it from a different angle.
2. Call in God! Trust Him! Pray; then pray some more - and look for the encouragement of others. Lord knows, we've all had hompedoos in our lives - hiding under our beds, in our ward-robes, in our bank accounts, even at work, sometimes!
On the other hand though, God bless all the hompedoos, 'cos in their own strange, confounded way, they're leading us back to God, for a bigger faith, a better faith - a stronger faith altogether! And before you know it, you're looking over your shoulder, and that hompedoo is gone, just like Mikey's! Well - 'Good riddance!' (as Mikey would say). And by the way, thank-you, Lord!

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