Friday, October 29, 2010

God Gently Convicts and Corrects Us

Can we think of times in our lives when we have been corrected, humiliated and shamed? I am sure we call can. Then there are those times when we have been "called to task" by someone who was firm but able to do the job in a gentle and loving way so we ended up feeling we could do it and we would do it the correct way in the future.
God always whispers to our hearts His gentle rebuke and correction while convicting us or our wrong:

Child, child, you have not grieved me so much by your absence into busyness as much as you have robbed yourself of My Closeness and strength and renewal of your mind. You haven't been still then you overload. You sense out workings of that and it isn't what you'd choose, is it? Be still and KNOW - that I AM God. I still love you, of course. Selah.

The Lord is gentle yet makes His point. He can make you understand where your choices are taking you but give you hope. He shows you his heart in the whole situation and gives you a remedy. He makes you feel like a toddler who tripped, stumbled and maybe even fell but was picked up by his/her daddy. Picked up and brushed off and encouraged to try and try again.

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