Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MSF Anniversary Night

Last night there was a special occasion in Methodist Church, it was the 16th Anniversary for the MSF,(Methodist Senior Fellowship)... I am not a member yet, don't know when I will be... anytime now cos I am already eligible to be called a Senior.... ahem....

Cell leader sms-ed me and it sounded kind of desperate... to seek help for a guitarist... last minute, I didn't practise much and here I was, playing my heart out but I know I didn't do very well... my fingers were hurting too much that the chords didnt come out perfectly... sigh..

One side of me says... well, hope they forget me soon! After the buffet, I left quietly....

didnt know there were such a turnout...

the stage where we played..


  1. hehe. tnx for dropping by in my blog. nwei happy 16th anniversary for the msf ^_^ i love seniors.

  2. studied in Methodist school, so I qualify to join?

  3. DO you know Lucifer? Know HIM.