Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Did He Do?

What Would He do Or What did He do?

I am feeling kind of dry these days, “dry” not in the sense of dry skin or thirsty for water, but instead I am dry in the sense of my spiritual strength. I feel lost when I think of God, it seems that I have not come to hear words from Him (in church). Thinking back, it has been two weeks since I last went to church, only two weeks but I feel I am lost in a way.

Reading Corinthians 15 in the Bible and relating to the Daily Bread, the question here asked “What would Jesus do?” When we are faced with difficult circumstances, we should ask ourselves WWJD… but did we ever ask ourselves, What did Jesus do?

Back to my first para, I guess I have to go church this week before I “shrivel” without proper food and water. What did Jesus do when He came across such a lazy child here? Ouch!!


  1. Haven't we all been here. Great post.

    I love what you said "What DID Jesus do?" He definitely knew how to run away to the mountain and pray. I think that's how He got strength for His earth-housed body and spirit.

    Spend that time with Him. Begin with something easily digestible like the Psalms. Sometimes, con volutes our minds and sensibilities that Psalms is all I csn handle. :)

    Be gentle with yourself and someone just said a prayer for you during your wilderness season! It was me!

    Take care,


  2. Hi there. Well, that was my first thought (as the above poster mentioned) and think what you said was fact refreshing. Sometimes it's like that and we don't feel like we're getting built up.
    Sending you a prayer for strength across the Pacific-