Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Conversation With God

A conversation with God, a book where you can get some enlightening answers.
If I could ask God one question, what would it be? I have thought about it and I felt rather guilty actually. One question is definitely not enough, I have endless questions to ask God but one important one is .... what does He have in store for each one of us?
This book might be able to help us find some answers that you want to know. It helps to enlighten many of the most commonly asked questions...
I do not know what God's plans are us, I admit I am not a filial child of God, in fact, I sway much, I backslide too, the worldly things tempts me a lot. But if I could, I would like to ask God to furiously guide me, not allowing me to backslide, pick me up when I fall, turn me away from temptations and not allowing me to make my own decisions...
God, will you turn my life to what Your Purpose You have for me?

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  1. Hi girl,
    I love this post, I always think about "what will I ask to God if have the chance", always. But as you said the chance for one is not enough, selfish me maybe, but I need more than one chance. anyways. i liked your blog, here you have something i was looking for since a weeks before: inspiration, motivation in the lords way, you know what i mean.
    well, i became yr follower, hope you have the time to become mine.
    by the way. tks for the nice message you leave in my blog in the mommys day post.