Sunday, August 28, 2011

Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

I went to this cat blog a few minutes ago and from there, I came to know this quaylo blog ... In the midst of reading half way, it touched my heart to know that this particular lady celebrated her birthday in an old folks home in Kajang. It dawned upon me that each day is not just a blessed day for all of us, it also makes me realize that I should be thankful of what I am today....

While many times I have wallowed in self pitiness and sorrow, I realize that I did not focus on God... He was far from me... but I am wrong, He is not "distancing" Himself... the person who keeps away from Him is ME... I was the one who keeps a distance... and now I do not want to anymore..

Coming back to this post I read.... these poor elderly people are lonely.. all they want is companionship... I remember going to a Caring Home here in IPOH... while I was there, I notice a scene that nearly made me broke down in tears... The JOY and the Smile on this auntie's face was so obvious when her teenaged girl went in with her father to visit her. The radiant look on her face showed how much she missed them. That made me wonder why.... why did she has to stay in the caring home instead of being at home with her son and granddaughter??

I put myself in her shoes... and I had to swallow back the lump in my throat..... will I end up like her one day, looking forward to seeing my kids to visit me once awhile? It is a sad thought... but I remember telling my kids...

If they really want to put me in a home, make sure it is a very nice comfortable one and most important, equip me with a LAPTOP!


  1. Great post. Quay Lo's writing the other day really was beautiful.

  2. I came to thank you for helping to spread the words about Caring Home Kajang. I am sure the residents there are very grateful for your kindness. By the way my blog is Quay Po Cooks not quaylo, my quay lo has his own blog.. hehe..

    I also agree with you that it very sad to see lonely old folks especially those who are abandoned by their own children. Parents give unconditionally to their children and when they grow old and weak, all they yearn for is some attention. That's why the residents are so happy when they see visitors.

    I am like you, I want my laptop no matter where I end up in my older age. LOL! Take care and feel blessed. HUGS

  3. LOL...modern lady. Must have laptop. wei..u forget...must ask for internet connection also. Got laptop no internet also tarak guna :p

    thanks for spreading the words