Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Change Of Plans

A real romantic book with a gist of emotions and strong feelings of love... most suitable for passionate lovers. Cleffairy has done it again, you can feel that she has so much to give, her description of the magical love is in her heart and she gives it all in this book, it is amazing that we humans can feel so much, give out our inner feelings to declare to the one we love....

Alyssa is a simple girl, born and left motherless after childbirth. Her step sister Jane is the attractive one, luring men after men. The hero, Edward is an ex soldier and after inheriting a lordship from his uncle, he had intention to propose to Jane, but alas, Jane, fearing marriage that ties her down, she evaded Edward and left town.
Leaving no choice, Edward settled for her half sister, Alyssa.... and in the midst, both of them had strong feelings towards one another.....
More romance and adventures along the way.... this is their Change of Plans.

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