Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do You Know About Jesus or Know Jesus?

Lately I have stumbled upon this book in my shelf, I didnt even this book existed ... it is called The Un-answered Prayers Of Jesus by Mike Evans. When I flipped the page, I realized it was a birthday gift to my son from his college mate. Well, I have finished reading the whole book by now and I would like to share what I have read and find it meaningful.

There is one question asked... We know about Jesus BUT do we really know Jesus? Notice the question there... we know about Jesus but how much do we know Jesus? I pondered over that.. yes, I cannot deny knowing much about Him but do I know Jesus personally? How much impact does Jesus have on my life OR how much time did I spend talking to HIM? Shamelessly, I wanna bow my head ....

Jesus, I know about You but I do not really talk to YOU ... I prayed no doubt... BUT I did not spend time is always Me who do the talking and yet never finding a quiet moment to listen to your response.... Now I know... I have to.... Thank You Lord for opening my eyes and ears...

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