Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Time, Men?

In today's sermon, my pastor talked about family bonding...he mentioned that the statistics (i forgotten which) showed that family men are so busy with their own work and lifestyle that they have only SPEND ONE minute with their kids and family per day. Imagine that! hahaha... I guess it is just a general survey, well, it seems the organizations are trying to help the men to at least fulfil TWO MINUTES instead of one... that is a good start, so it seems...
Well, how about that?


  1. I am a family guy. Instead of spending my teenage life at the snooker table, Now I prefer to spend everything with my family.

    That's why I am self employed!

  2. Hi Reanaclaire, I guess that might apply to Tokyo and the big cities like New York, London where people commute long distances. And by the time they come home, kids already fast asleep.

    I am guilty as charged. I neglected my wife, though not intentionally because of my reaching for the stars.
    But she before marrying me knew my kind of work and stood by me all the way.

    Then at the peak of my career, I gave up everything and started a new life with her here...and now never apart again.

    Have a pleasant week Reana, best regards, Lee.

  3. thank you for visiting my blog. you also write good posts...

    well, i am glad that we still don't have kids and i hope one day, if ever we'll be having one of our own, my husband can spend much time with him or her.

    thanks again.. have a pretty day!