Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Journalling The Word Of God

During one of the sessions in the conference at DUMC, pastor Edmund touched on growth commitments, ie. as a Christian, a child of God, besides our busy lives, what actually or how do we get close to God? One way is to do journalling... Journalling?

Journalling is reading some verses from the Bible and during our quiet time with our Lord, let the verses come "alive" to us. Let it speak out in our hearts....one or two words, eg Truth... when we come upon the word truth in the Bible, let us think how truth can make an impact on our lives.
Write it down in a journal book...the verse passage and how and what we have experience from the word "truth"....

As for me, I will do my journals online here, to share with anyone who comes by to read... let the BIBLE VERSES be a shining light upon our lives...

Amen? Amen....


  1. hi. I didn't know that you are a Malaysian. All this time I thought You're a Filipina like me... hihihi


  2. hehe.. do i sound like filipina? anyway, we r all God's creation..that makes us the same, right?

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  4. I love the idea and I would love to do the same. God bless you!