Friday, October 17, 2008

Feel The Peace

My Methodist church is from a smaller town where I am staying. It holds two services, one on Saturday evening and the other one on Sunday morning. My church holds around 300-400 people, with rows of pews on wooden benches and a stage that holds a full band of 5 musicians and 4 leading worshipers. It is a traditional type of building, not too big and yet, it is very homely-like and comfortable too.

During school holidays, whenever I go to the city where my brother stays, we will attend church services in a theatre-like building. Actually it was formerly a big theatre and now being restored into a church. Upon entering , it is like going into a enormous worshiping place where one can really feel the love and care among one another. The seats are positioned in a reclining angle so that no one will be blocked by anyone from the big screen. In fact there are three screens, one in the middle and two more screens at a 45 degrees angle. The stage is 3 times as big as my church which holds a bigger band and more worship leaders. When the music starts, the sound system is loud and clear and you can worship your whole heart out without feeling shy or conscious. One can really bask in the surrounding of the Holy Spirit moving among our midst.

For those who wants to come to feel the lovely ambience's of our God, do come and attend the event hosted by CineMeetings & Events. Find out more in this coming event which will bring together respected thought leaders, pastors and church leaders from the nation’s most innovative growing churches. You will find out more when you attend the first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD on October 22 & 23.


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  1. hi.. i grow up with a religious family, i can relate with your article. here in cebu we visited our church every fridays and sundays.