Monday, October 27, 2008

Wake Service

Last week one of my cell member's husband has passed on...leaving my friend a widow now with 2 grown up children. During the wake, the deceased's brother spoke of him, how he was taken care of by his elder brother, protecting him during the Japanese occupation time. Then he wanted to dedicate this song Jesus, We Enthrone You and we stood up to sing. While singing halfway, he just broke down and cried ... He cried with despair and frustration because he couldn't express how much he loved his brother while he was still alive.

It was indeed very touching and I couldn't help not shedding some tears as well. This wake has jolted me up a bit.... now we are with our love ones, we shouldnt take them for granted... while we still have time, let us express our love for them.. we will not regret later...

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