Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Would You Do...

This morning I came across a question ... "When people observe your life, do they see the love of Christ in you?" OH dear, this is one question that probes into our daily lives.. As for me, I don't have the courage to say that my friends see Christlike characters in me. Each night in my prayer, I do ask God to forgive my trespassing and help to mould me, discipline me ... I know I have not been bringing Him glory and honour to His name.. At times, during the nights, I reflect back what I have done or said during the day, did I do anything to shame my Lord..

And some words from a book came to my mind... When we are accosted with difficult situations, let us think for a few moments...asking ourselves, what would Jesus do if He is in our place? I am sure if we spare a few moments to think, the answer will be there.....

I want my heart His throne to be
So that a watching world may see
His likeness shining forth in me
I want to be like Jesus, yes, its He...

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