Sunday, October 12, 2008

Song Lyrics

Just want to share this... there is this website whereby we can find songs lyrics with guitars chords, it is very useful for those who wants to play the guitar and sing as well... there is this song whichI find very touching, each time when it is played in church, it never fails to touch my heart and will bring tears to my eyes...


When trouble comes, I trust in You

For I know You will lead me through

And I know You are faithful till the end

And when the storms are drawing near

When I'm with You, I dont have to fear

You're my shepherd on whom I can depend

Through the days, through the nights

I know You're always be by my side

Lord You are always here with me

There is no changing God in thee

You are the same, yesterday and today and forever more

Here on your promises I stand

You hold my future in your hands

My solid rock, Almighty God, I worship You....


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