Friday, October 24, 2008


I listened with a span of disgust this morning as my friend related to me about a man who is going for a short trip in Ho Chi Min. His intentions is to look for some "fun" over there, without fear, with a relaxing mind and anticipation. He wants to go to karaokes to have a room with his friends and same time, he wants to look at the poor girl stripping off piece by piece... When I heard that, I feel so sad.. sad to hear that there is this man who wants to have that thrill and doing goodness-what.

Then coincidently, today daily bread speaks of lust in humans. The lust of the flesh, the insatiable appetite to indulge in pleasures that inflame the flesh but never satisfy. Well, humans do tend to be lustful, knowing very well, it is just a short pleasure but it is still a never ending lust.

True satisfaction can only be found in our love ones and from our heavenly Father, true relationship is found only when we give our affections to eternal things...

"The world is passing away, and the lust of it, but he who does the will of God abides forever"
1John 2:17


  1. nah.... Lust is not only by flesh..
    who knows..? It could be our hobby too... it might sound funny.. but it MIGHT be...

    ApriL Here.. :D

  2. Lust can always be controlled, it is always a question of will. God has provided us with the gift of Free Will that allowed us to make decisions and withstand temptations.

    It's difficult to think that people voluntarily give in to an obsession with lust. From pornography to sex trade, it's a very lucrative business - but sometimes being to stuck in the material world makes people feel that their hedonism is justified :(

  3. I couldn't agree more!!!

    Tamang tama! exactly the way I see it!

    -pertaining to your post, not to the other comments :D-


    anyways, sana pwede name and URL dito.. para di mhrap mag post ng comments. kasi pag OpenID magla-login pa ko sa typekey. hehe :D

  4. Hi dear, how about the income to these poor people, who otherwise have to starve.

    Yes it is not necessary an honourable work to do, but for survival, they have to do it.

    it is the exploiter that we have to be concern about, making a living out of others who will suffer.

    As for those who patronise the KaraOke, they are just contributing a little to the miserable income of these poor people.

    To denied them even of this, will denied they their livelihood.